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Anime Week 2014 @ Sunken Treasures

Anime Week 2014 starts Saturday October 25th! Sunken Treasures Games is proud to bring you it’s 2nd annual Anime Week event, this time with some exciting new happenings.


Saturday, October 25th ~ Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Tournament @ 4:00 ~ no entry fee! Come early to learn how to play. Prizes and snacks included!

Monday, October 27th ~ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Part 3) Anime Night + Snacks @ 4:00.

Tuesday, October 28th ~ Magic The Gathering and Mecha – Join us for a fun evening of Magic the Gathering while enjoying some classic mecha anime! Starts @ 4:00.

Wednesday, October 29th ~ Casual Card Night + Movie Night. Learn to play some of our fun and unique card games (Weiss Schwarz, Buddy Fight, Dragon Quest) and enjoy the film Summer Wars in all of it’s glory! Starts @ 4:00.

Thursday, October 30th ~ Knitting and Life Fibers! (Kill la Kill) – Learn how to knit your very own beanie with anime themed fibers while enjoying a few episodes of Kill la Kill. Taught by our very own Master Knit-stress, Sarah! Starts @ 6:00.

Friday, October 31st ~ Cosplay Contest + Party & Tanto Cuore Tournament. Awards will be given for Best Anime Character and Best Video Game Character! Starts at 5:00, and goes until ?.

It should be an action packed week! If you have any friends who are interested in this sort of thing, please help us spread the word.

Smash Bros. WiiU, Pokemons, and Amiibos INCOMING!

Aaron, from Sunken Treasures Games here with a happy announcement! While our store doesn’t typically have the opportunity to carry many “New” games, we’re pleased as punch to announce that we’ll be carrying Super Smash Bros. WiiU, Pokemon Omega Sapphire/Ruby and Nintendo’s upcoming Amiibo figures, this fall!

While we may not get them until a day or two after the official release date (November 21st-ish!?), we’re still stoked ~ so if any of these things are on your wish list, please keep us in mind!

This Just In!

A few fun things have arrived in the store today~

photo 1(2)

Weiss Schwarz Extra Booster sets: Persona Q, Little Busters: Card Mission, and Da Capo: Sakurasaku Pack. Packs are $6.70+tax each and boxes are $37.99+tax.

photo 2(2)
Two “Fairy Tale” figures: Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel. They are $109.99+tax each.

photo 3(2)
A beautiful Frau Koujiro figure from Robitics;Notes, complete with a bunch of empty Pocky boxes. She’s $109.99+tax.

photo 4(1)
Last, but not least, is the ARTFX Eren Yeager from “Attack on Titan”. The detail on this figure is incredible! He’s $119.99+tax.

This Just In! ~ A September Store Tour

This is the 1st ever “I found my camera’s battery!!!” edition of ‘This Just In!’ — I was so happy I had to take a bunch of pictures. :D

A new wave of Attack on Titan Keychain Straps are in.

We’ve posted it before, but here’s our Knights of the Round arcade cabinet again. 3 of our regulars just ended up beating the game today, actually! Amazing. Congrats guys!

Recently snagged several great original XBOX games. Quite the variety in stock at the moment.

Kill la Kill Nendoroids are in stock!

The 4th issue of RETRO came in the other day, and is ready for your love. <3

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September’s Weiss Schwarz Tournament

Tomorrow, September 24th, we will be hosting this month’s Weiss Schwarz tournament. Festivities start at 4:00pm but come by whenever you’d like to get some play time in before hand.

photo 1 (4)

A few things of note about the tournament:

■ This is a neo-standard format tournament. (Which set will you be playing with? Sword Art Online? Nise-Monogatari? Angel Beats?!)

■ There is NO entry fee. (Free tournaments are the best!)

■ In store credit prizes will be awarded to the winners. (Prizes are the best!)

If you have any questions concerning the tournament let us know via comment here, twitter, Facebook, or call us at (509) 943-4564.

We hope to see you there!!

photo 2 (4)

Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle UPDATE!

Okay folks, it’s time for an Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle UPDATE!

The “Kill la Kill” Ichiban Kuji is here and available RIGHT NOW! Each ticket is $7.99 and prizes include figures, keychains, t-shirts, posters, pin sets and more. Remember every ticket is a guaranteed prize. Overall the Kill la Kill I.K. has 66 total prizes.

photo (7)

Regarding our other Ichiban Kuji sets: Bakemono Gatari is down to about 40% of the tickets remaining and there’s still several of the chibi Kyun-Chara figures available as well as some amazing poster sets, wall scrolls and a beautiful large scale Shinobu figure. This is a “Premium” Ichiban Kuji and each ticket is $9.99.

The “Tales of” (as in the Namco Bandai ‘Tales of…’ video games) Ichiban Kuji is also over 50% complete and has mini-figs, large scale figures (one from Tales of Xillia 2, and one from Tales of the Abyss), keychains, towels, and other goodies. This Ichiban Kuji has recently seen a price drop and is currently going for $7.99 a ticket.

That’s all for this week’s update. We’re not expecting the Kill la Kill one to last terribly long, so if that’s your show be sure to snag a few tickets this weekend!

Until next time (when we talk about Sailor Moon) adios!

Weiss Fight Wednesday!

Just in time for Wednesday night’s Weiss Schwarz card night, Nisei Koi booster packs and ENGLISH Kill La Kill trial decks are in stock!

Nisei Koi Weiss Schwarz Booster Box

Nisei Koi booster packs are $4.49+tax, and Kill La Killa trial decks are $19.99+tax.

Even though summer is winding down, I refuse to let it go. That’s why I’ll be playing my Swimsuit deck. I absolutely love the fact that “swimsuit” is a character trait in this game. This deck features cards from seven different sets and is a ton of fun to play!

Swimsuit Deck Weiss Schwarz Deck

It is also one of our players last card night before going off to college so we’ll be having a little farewell party. Everyone is invited so please come down to the store to play and have fun with us tonight! People start playing around 4:00pm so if you’re free we hope to see you!

August Weiss Schwarz Tournament RESULTS!

Last Wednesday, August 20th, we hosted the first Weiss Schwarz tournament of the summer. It was a pretty quick and super fun tournament so BIG THANK YOU’s to everyone who came and participated!

The tournament winner was Jake playing Persona!

photo 1 (1)

As always, it was a pleasure hosting the tournament and hanging out with all the awesome players. If you missed this tournament, don’t fret, we will be hosting another one on Wednesday, September 24th. For more details stay tuned here, on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

Weiss Schwarz Update!

Good new Weiss Schwarz fans! English Angel Beats and Madoka trial decks in stock for $19.99+tax. There has also been a price change across the board on all WS products~ Booster packs are now $4.49+tax, booster boxes are $79.99+tax, extra booster packs are $6.79+tax, and extra booster boxes are $37.99+tax.

Angel Beats Re:Edit Weiss Schwarz Trial Deck

In addition, we’re doing a sale on select Japanese booster boxes: Sword Art Online Vol 2, Bakemonogatari, LoveLive!, ProjectDiva, and Kill La Kill are all $64.99+tax. As always, we are happy to provide translations for all of the Japanese cards so you can play them just as easy at their English counterparts.

Madoka Weiss Schwarz English Trial Dekc

That being said, tonight is Weiss Schwarz card night, so if you are free swing on by and play (or learn) with us! If you can’t join us tonight, we do card night on Saturday also from 4pm – 7pm. Hope to see you!!


Paper Craft

A popular activity for anime lovers in Japan is “paper crafts”. Folding paper to create little versions of beloved anime characters.


Unlike origami that only consists of folding, paper crafts can require tape, glue, and sometimes scissors.


We have a handful of paper crafts kits here at the store from animes you might be familiar with: “K-ON!” and “Dangan Rompa”. I decided to put one together to show you how easy it is to make these and how cute they are.



No scissors are require for these kits~ just punch them out.



Simply fold the pieces and match the numbers and insert together.



Now put them all together!


Cute huh?! Stop by and check out all the other paper craft, and maybe even take one home!!