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Weiss Schwarz Update!

Good new Weiss Schwarz fans! English Angel Beats and Madoka trial decks in stock for $19.99+tax. There has also been a price change across the board on all WS products~ Booster packs are now $4.49+tax, booster boxes are $79.99+tax, extra booster packs are $6.79+tax, and extra booster boxes are $37.99+tax.

Angel Beats Re:Edit Weiss Schwarz Trial Deck

In addition, we’re doing a sale on select Japanese booster boxes: Sword Art Online Vol 2, Bakemonogatari, LoveLive!, ProjectDiva, and Kill La Kill are all $64.99+tax. As always, we are happy to provide translations for all of the Japanese cards so you can play them just as easy at their English counterparts.

Madoka Weiss Schwarz English Trial Dekc

That being said, tonight is Weiss Schwarz card night, so if you are free swing on by and play (or learn) with us! If you can’t join us tonight, we do card night on Saturday also from 4pm – 7pm. Hope to see you!!


Paper Craft

A popular activity for anime lovers in Japan is “paper crafts”. Folding paper to create little versions of beloved anime characters.


Unlike origami that only consists of folding, paper crafts can require tape, glue, and sometimes scissors.


We have a handful of paper crafts kits here at the store from animes you might be familiar with: “K-ON!” and “Dangan Rompa”. I decided to put one together to show you how easy it is to make these and how cute they are.



No scissors are require for these kits~ just punch them out.



Simply fold the pieces and match the numbers and insert together.



Now put them all together!


Cute huh?! Stop by and check out all the other paper craft, and maybe even take one home!!

So Many Gamecube Games!!

       In my experience every summer is the “Summer of Nintendo”.
As the summer temperatures rise so do people’s desire for Nintendo games. This year more so than previous years, Gamecube games are in super high demand. This is why I am so pleased to show off some of the major titles we currently have in stock.

This is only a small chunk of our Gamecube selection. Just like the summer weather these games are sizzling hot and won’t last long on the shelves. Stop by and check out these and all of our other Nintendo games today!

Cool Desert NiGHTS into Sales!

In celebration of the annual Cool Desert Nights car show in the Uptown Shopping Center, Sunken Treasures is running a big sale on used video games, anime, manga, and other fun stuffs!


Friday and Saturday only, we’re having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free SALE on all used video games, anime, and manga! In addition all of our import figures are 10% off, and our “summer goods” are 25% off as well! Be sure to stop by this weekend and take advantage. SARAHBOT commands it!

Magic the Gathering Modern Event Decks and Conspiracy Pre-Orders!

Just in time for our weekly Magic the Gathering Tuesday Night Event, we have Magic the Gathering Conspiracy Booster Boxes, and Modern Event decks up for Pre-Order. As of this post we only have 7 Event Decks left, so if you’re wanting one, the time is now!


For more details, check with us this evening in store, message us on our Facebook, or leave a comment below!

Bento Boxes and Lunches!

Gorgeous weather is here and looks like it’s here to stay! Out with the scarves and cocoa and in with shorts and picnics! To me, nothing screams summer like hanging out at a park or down by the river with friends and some yummy food. This summer’s picnics will be extra special since we’ll be eating out of the new “Attack On Titan” bento boxes we have in stock in the store.

These two tiered boxes are the perfect size for everyone! Whether you want a full meal or just a snack, you can pack it into this bento box. Have you ever seen a bento and wanted to make one yourself? They are pretty darn easy to make and I’m going to be posting bento ideas and recipes to help inspire you!

Before we opened the store, I used to make bento lunches every day for Aaron and myself. Sometimes they were pretty traditional Japanese bentos, and sometimes they were pretty American. Either way, they are filled with yummy (and pretty healthy) foods and don’t take much longer to make than a normal American lunch.

This bento has top tier: orange slices, french toast with honey, trail mix, and bottom tier: spinach salad with homemade miso dressing, baby yellow tomatoes, and ginormous grapes. There aren’t any strict rules to bento making, so add in whatever you’d like. My advice would be to “eat the rainbow”. The more color you add to your bento the more authentic it will look and the more healthy it will be!

I have a hard time eating my veggies so I like to make them extra tasty to guarantee they end up in my belly. What I like to do is make a miso dressing to yummy-fy my veggies. My dressing so SO EASY. You should totally make it. ;D It’s not just a salad dressing, so you can use it on lots of things~ marinade chicken or even saute veggies in it.

Just take a small spoonful of miso (which I have seen at Safeway, or you can pick it up at any Asian market). Add a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 1/8th teaspoon of granulated garlic. Chop up a green onion really thinly and mix it all together.

Hopefully these posts will inspire you to try your hand at making bentos. If you do email, tweet, or Facebook us a picture of it and we’ll feature it here on the blog!

Hearthstone Event this Thursday!

A small group is trying to start up a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft group! Feel free to join them this Thursday, May 15th at 7:00 p.m. for a “Fireside Gathering” at Sunken Treasures Games!


All you need is a laptop or an iPad (at least iPad 2 or greater) and a account. The game is free, and if you stop by and play at least 3 matches, you’ll unlock some free in-game stuff!

Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Tournament Results

Last Saturday we had our first Neo-Standard Weiss Schwarz tournament in quite some time, and it was a fun, competitive evening of cards. We had 10 players enter, with 8 different sets represented (Log Horizon, Wooser, Little Busters, Kantai Collection, Sword Art Online, Nisekoi, Haruhi, and Madoka) and the top 4 competitors and their decks were:


1. Andrew Kong w/ “Haruhi
2. Danielle McPheron w/ “Little Busters
3. Zack Kiser w/ “Kantai Collection
4. Dan Garcia w/ “Wooser

Congrats peoples! It was a blast getting to play in the tournament for the first time in forever. Until next time! ( ‘-’)/

Sunken Treasures Games 3rd Year Anniversary Sale! (05/09/2014)

Today is Sunken Treasures Games’ 3rd Year Anniversary! Thank you to everyone who’s helped make our store thrive since our humble begins in spring of 2011.


In celebration, TODAY ONLY (05/09/2014) we’re having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on all of our used video games, manga, and anime. In addition, all of our figures are 10% off for the day!

Thanks again for all of your support, and here’s to another 3 amazing years! *cheers*

Weekly Weiss Schwarz with MoosiferX!

Now that our website is fixed, I can finally get back to my Weekly Weiss Schwarz posts.  And what better day to discuss my favorite card game than on WeissFight Wednesday!  Today would be a great opportunity to get some practice in before our tournament this Saturday (May 10th) at 4:00 ~ and remember it’s a Neo-Standard tournament and there’s a $5 entry fee that entirely goes towards the prize pool.  Should be a great time, so I hope to see you all here!

There’s been some cool things going on with Weiss Schwarz over the last month or so.  Angel Beats! Re: Edit was announced as another English set, Log Horizon was (to my surprise) revealed to be an Extra Booster set, and another Love Live! set – also an Extra Booster set – was announced.  In addition, Crayon Shin-Chan, Love Live! English Trial Decks, and Sword Art Online Vol. 2 are all on their way to the store any time now!

Another bit of news that for us, kind of went under the radar, was the release of the Nisekoi trial deck.  We have it sitting out, waiting to be enjoyed, but it’s kind of hiding in plain site on our front counter.  Seems to be a pretty solid little deck from what I’ve checked out.  There’s several “Key” characters in it, so it could be fun to splice together with Vividred Operation at some point. :D

As for me, in between what’s been the store’s 2nd busiest month in our 3 year existence and learning how to raise a child, I managed to throw together a Kantai Collection deck from the 2 booster boxes that Sarah and I picked up.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a set with such fantastic art.

Anyways, if you’re available this evening, come swing by and play some cards with us!  Otherwise, we’ll see you Saturday for the Neo-Standard tournament.