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N.C.O.S. – A Nerd Collaboration of Sorts – Family Gaming Festival!

Adventures Underground, Confluent Space Tri Cities, and Sunken Treasures Games proudly present: N.C.O.S. (a Nerd Collaboration of Sorts) Family Gaming Extravaganza in the Richland Uptown Shopping Center!


What is it? — a weekend of gaming events (table top, video games, tournaments, panels, & workshops) taking place at various businesses in and around the Uptown Shopping Center!

Events include: Free Gaming Demos/Tutorials, the Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, a Super Smash Bros. Wii U Tournament, an Uptown Scavenger Hunt, a PS4 Indie Game Night, a Weiss Schwarz Tournament, multiple table top gaming panels, and much, much more to be announced.

When is it? — Friday, February 12th though Monday (President’s Day), February 15th!


Where is it? — The Richland Uptown Shopping Center! Confirmed participating businesses so far are Adventures Underground, Confluent Space Tri Cities, and Sunken Treasures Games.

How much does this cost!? — while some of the tournaments have buy ins, the overall event is free to participate in.

The N.C.O.S. Gaming Passport — A big part of the event will include businesses handing out your very own N.C.O.S. Gaming Passport. When you participate in various N.C.O.S. events you’ll receive a stamp on your passport — collect stamps to earn prizes and discounts at Adventures, STG, and Confluent!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit us up here or on the Facebook event page.

Weiss Schwarz Christmas-Eve-Eve Celebración de los Navidad Americanos!

Join us this afternoon/evening for a Christmas-Eve-Eve Weiss Schwarz extravaganza! Test out your decks before our last tournament of the year, next week on Wednesday, December 30th.


Also, new Love Live! English Trial Decks arrived last week, so snag yours today!

Happy Star Wars Day!

Just a PSA: Sunken Treasures Games will be closing at 3:00 p.m. today, Thursday the 17th, so we can go line up to see Star Wars! If you have any shopping to do with us today, make sure you swing by before 3. Otherwise we’ll be open again tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. —> 7:30 p.m. ^_^


Have a fun and exciting Star Wars day!

This Just In – December Edition!

Happy December everybody! It’s time for another edition of “This Just In!”. Plenty of fun stuffs stocked and re-stocked over the last few weeks.

I Saw The Sign!

I Saw The Sign!

The big yellow sign is back! After way too long painting little pixels, it’s back and better than ever.


The newest Weiss Schwarz Dogs Days” extra booster set is in! If you are fan of Dogs Days” better snag this quick because they tend to go fast!


The Mario Ichiban Kuji is still going strong. The A and B prizes and been picked up but there are still plenty of pillows, plushies, cups, and even a shirt left. Tickets are $9.99+tax each!


Melty from Shining Hearts and Erin from Attack on Titan are sitting here looking pretty… but they would love to be looking pretty on your shelf. :3


Hyperdimension Neptunia Black Heart and Dogs Days” Nendoroid Figures are in stock!


The Monster Hunter Ichiban Kuji has all the cute kitchen and cat goods.


We’ve restocked on our retro controllers and cords. Now is the time to dust off that N64 you’ve got hiding and snag a few controllers to play some Mario Party over the holidays.


For the Star Wars fan in your life, these stacking dolls featuring Jabba’s Palace characters is pretty dang awesome!


Two pieces of One Piece figures. :O


Jushin Thunder Liger makes his debut in the newest set of the online card game King of Pro Wrestling.


This is the copy of Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox One you are looking for. And while you’re looking, check out these plastic bead magnets, handmade by one of our friends. (So cutes!)


We’ve stocked up on Retron NES systems because we can’t keep them in stock.


Also re-stocked Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes. Now the times to get two buddies together and see who makes the best Link.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is ready for all your hours!!

Post Turkey-Pocalypse Celebration of Commerce (Sales on Friday & Saturday)

This Friday and Saturday we have a variety of sales going on at Sunken Treasures for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!


* 20% off all Used Video Games, Anime and Manga.
* 15% off all Figma, FiguARTs, and Nendoroid figures.
* 20% off all Card Sleeves, Playmats and Deck Boxes.
* Magic the Gathering Dragons of Tarkir Fat Packs: $34.99
* All Magic the Gathering Event Decks $17.99
* All Magic the Gathering Clash Packs: $19.99
* Fate/Unlimited Blade Works and Sengoku Basara Prize Raffles: $4.99 per ticket.

Also we’ve got some other fun stuff available including:

* Mario 30th Anniversary Prize Raffle: $9.99 per ticket.
* Magic the Gathering Commander Decks: $29.99 each.
* English Angel Beats, Log Horizon & Love Live! Weiss Schwarz decks: $19.99.

We’re open from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday, so if any of this stuff sounds good to you, get in while you can!

Food Fight 2015 – Fighting Game Tourney + Food Drive (MKX, UMVC3, USF4)

Sunken Treasures Games presents: FOOD FIGHT 2015! A Fighting Game Tournament & Food Drive featuring Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Saturday, November 7th at Sunken Treasures Games in the Uptown Shopping Center in Richland.

$5 Entry Fee per game + at least 1 non-perishable food item to be donated to the Tri-Cities Food Bank!

Start Times:

Mortal Kombat X – 2:00 p.m.
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – 4:00 p.m.
Ultra Street Fighter IV – 5:30 p.m.

Snacks and drinks included in the entry fee. More details (rules, etc.) to follow!

This Just In! ~ Mid October Stuffs Bonanza

I can’t believe we’re half way through October. Here’s a bunch of stuff recently stocked at Sunken Treasures!

Chibi Robo (w/ Amiibo) and DQ Heroes in stock NOW!

Our Atari selection has recently quadrupadoubled. O.O

Stocking up on some older Power of the Force Star Wars toys in anticipation of The Force Awakens this December! :D

Quite a few new Bandai Figuarts figures in lately including these excellent Kinnikuman (Ultimate Muscle) and Piccolo ones.

Fire Emblem 0 Japanese boosters and starter decks in stock!

3 pretty incredible SEGA Saturn games. PanzerFest 2015!

Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero and Maki from Love Live!

New Sailor Moon blind boxes ~ complete with coaster and mini figure.

New Gundam Capsule Toys are in stock.

* Insert Aaron making Tie Fighter noises here. *

Lots of fun stuff, eh? If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and check it all out!

Anime Week 2015!

Back by popular demand, it’s Anime Week 2015 @ Sunken Treasures Games!


Our 3rd annual anime themed extravaganza is just under 2 weeks away, and here’s what we have in store for this year:

Monday, 10/26 @ 5:00Gurren Lagann Anime Night! We’re kicking this week off with a bang as we plow through a handful of episodes of the anime classic Gurren Lagann. (Ages 12+)

Tuesday, 10/27 from 12:00 – 4:00CCG Tutorial Day ~ Stop by for a quick tutorial on how to play one of the various anime themed card games we sell including Weiss Schwarz, CardFight!! Vanguard, Force of Will, and more!

Wednesday, 10/28 @ 6:00Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Tournament ~ Defend the honor of your favorite anime in our monthly WS double elimination tourney! There’s a $5 entry fee and snacks and drinks will be provided for those participating.

Thursday, 10/29 from 4:00 – 7:00Anime Table Top Night ~ We’ll have a wide variety of anime themed/inspired board games available for free play!

Friday, 10/30 @ 5:30Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro movie night! Join us for a viewing of this Ghibli classic – in addition we’ll be having a free prize raffle for those in attendance.

Saturday, 10/31 @ 6:00Cosplay Contest! This year we’ll be awarding prizes for several different categories:

Best Home Made Anime Themed Cosplay
Best Home Made Video Game Themed Cosplay
Best non-Home Made Anime Themed Cosplay
Best non-Home Made Video Game Themed Cosplay
Most Creative Cosplay
Most Spirited Cosplay

And as if that’s not enough we’ll be running a variety of sales all week on select figure lines/anime themed merchandise (to be announced on 10/26). See you then!

Weiss Schwarz Tournament Results for 9/23/2015

Last night we held our monthly Weiss Schwarz tournament and the results are in! The tournament was a little smaller this month, but we’re expecting a bigger event in October during our annual Anime Week festivities. I had the winners each pick a favorite card to represent their deck, but that picture turned out suuuuper blurry, so representing each player is their set’s respective trial deck:


1st PlaceMr. “My Time is Now!” Haitao – playing a To LOVE-Ru Darkness deck.
2nd PlaceAndrew “The King of Kong Style” – playing a Day Break Illusion deck.
3rd PlaceDan “The Richland Rattlesnake” – playing a Love Live! deck (with at least one alpaca).

Thanks for your participation gentleman, and thanks to everyone else for joining us as well. Until next time: stay fresssssh!

New Amiibos and Super Mario Maker in stock today!

Today we stocked the latest wave of Amiibos including Olimar from Pikmin, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, and the Retro Mario ones. In addition we received several copies of Super Mario Maker for the WiiU which released today.


Snag them while you can!