Sunken Treasures Games

Closed Early on Friday May 26th!

Just a heads up — Sunken Treasures Games will be closing early Friday, May 26th at 2:30 p.m.! This will mean there’s no fighting game night on Friday. We apologize for the inconvenience and will resume our regular store hours Saturday at 10:00 a.m. where we’ll be hosting the next Smash 4 tournament.

Sunken Treasures Games is 6 years old today!

6 YEARS MAN! 6! Today is Sunken Treasures Games’ 6 year anniversary. 6 years ago and roughly 2 1/2 weeks earlier than that we randomly decided to open up our own store. We had an incredible group of people who helped us make the store a reality, whether it was physically painting the store or just providing basic friendly support. People who immediately come to mind are the TeamHoward crew, the Chandlers and Millbauers, Nicole, Chris, and of course of good friends Sean, my nephew Tony, and the rest of our amazingly supportive families. We still have Sarah’s mom’s showcases that we were originally just borrowing at the time because we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to sustain this.

We’ve had some amazing employees and helpers along the way (Sean, Joanne, Tony, Dan, Kindra, Danielle, Nicholas, Ian, David, and probably others that I’m forgetting right now) and even though it’s just Sarah and myself at the moment we cannot thank all of you enough for helping make our store a success despite us not knowing what we’re doing. lol

Here’s a picture that I’ve shared before of the store the night before we opened. It’s still one of my faves!


In celebration of our store’s 6 year anniversary we’ll be offering a baseline 10% discount on just about everything in store, and if you have one of our old school backpacks/t-shirts, or even one of our new STG club bags, you’ll be looking at a 20% discount on all used games, anime, and manga.


Thanks for 6 amazing years Tri-Cities!

Spring Circuit Weiss Schwarz Tourney and More!

This Saturday is the big Spring Circuit Weiss Schwarz tournament at our store (5:00 p.m. start time, 4/29) but TONIGHT we’re still having our usual Wednesday night monthly tournament. This would be a great chance to refine/playtest your deck before the big tourney this weekend.

Tonight’s monthly tourney starts at 5:00 p.m.-ish and is a neo-standard tourney w/ a $5 entry fee. Casual play is also open for tonight if you’re not up for competitive play! :D

This Just In! ~ March Madness Edition of Not Collegiate Sportsball

After battling some awful illnesses over the last two months we’re back in healthy-ish form! We’ve stocked so much new merchandise since the last time we posted, so we’re long overdue for a ‘This Just In!’ post. For prices/questions please shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter or give us a jingle at 509-943-4564!

Modern Masters 2017 is in today. We have boosters and boxes available ($8.99 / booster and $189.99 / booster box!)

New Nendoroids from Kantai Collection and Love Live! Sunshine.

Saitama from One Punch Man in figma form.

We pieced together a pretty nice SNES complete in box with Link to the Past recently.

Re:Zero for Weiss Schwarz has been out for a bit but we restocked recently. Really solid set!

Farm XP at home with your very own Metal Slime plushie!

Pikachu and Kirby Putitto glass toppers!

So much cute! KA-WA-I-I-DE-SU x1,000,000,000

In addition to the previously mentioned Pikachus we also stocked some amazing Oyasumi Pokemon capsules. Get your own sleepy little Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio before they’re all bought up!

The most recent Force of Will set, “Return of the Dragon Emperor” is in stock now!

Other new Nendoroids this time from DOTA and Kantai Collection.

My boy, Kiryu Kazuma — the Dragon of Dojima, part time father, former taxi driver, yon-dai-me and Pocket Racing King from the amazing Yakuza video game series in figma form!

We rarely see cartridge only SoulSilvers let alone complete in box w/ the pedometer. Crazy to have 2 in stock at the moment!

Restocked our Sun/Moon and Fire Emblem Fates a few weeks ago. Plus any chance I get to show off the sweet FF pearler magnets I’m happy to. ^_^

That’s all for ‘This Just In!’ — until next time, adios!

This Just In! ~ A Few Random Thingies in January

So while the majority of our shipments have been delayed due to the complete garbo weather we’re experiencing in the Pacific Northwest, ONE BOX BROKE THROUGH! So we have a few new stuff things to share.

Stocked up on a ton of new Monster Hunter plushies today and did some general re-pricing of some of our older plushies!

Persona 5 Weiss Schwarz is here. The artwork/cards look beautiful!

These amazing Totoro mini figure gift sets are along the same line as the Kiki’s Delivery Service ones we had a year or so ago.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in hilarious figma form, just like he imagined it I’m sure. Now you too can stage wonderful photos of this classic work of art exposing himself and frightening your other figures!

Re:Zero keychains finally showed up! We’ve been waiting on these for a little while.

So yeah, if you feel like braving the snow we’ve gotten this sort of stuff plus quite a few new video games in stock over the last couple days including another copy of the Yakuza 6 import for PS4! Until next time, though — adios!

Weiss Schwarz Tournament Schedule

Alrighty friends, let’s start this new year off with a bang: the January, February, and March Weiss Schwarz tournaments have been planned! Crazy, right?!


This year we are looking forward to really promoting the game in-store and broadening the player base. We plan on doing this by having regularly scheduled tournaments, expanding the options for demo decks that are available to play, and handing out exclusive STG themed Weiss Schwarz promotional items for players.

Here are the dates for the next 3 month’s tournaments:

January 25th 5:00 pm
February 22nd 5:00 pm
March 29th 5:00 pm

All tournaments are Neo-Standard format and have a $5 entry fee per person. If you do not have a deck, we have many trial decks open and available for use (free of charge). STG will have snacks and beverages for everyone’s enjoyment.

If you have any questions about our tournaments or the game in general, please ask away!

Winter Slugfest For Charity

Saturday January 7th STG will be hosting our first video game tournament of the year: Winter Slugfest For Charity. The two games featured will be Street Fighter V on PS4 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.


Entry is $5 per game and all proceeds will be going towards Little Lives Matter Small Animal Rescue. in Pasco. They are a local 501c3 non-profit small animal rescue focusing on bunnies, rodents, birds and reptiles.

Sunken Treasures Games will be providing 1st and 2nd place prizes for both games.

Super Smash Bros. tournament will start at 1:30 and Street Fighter V at 5:30.

Stop by the Facebook Event page for questions, comments, and all that fun stuff.

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U rules can be found here.

Street Fighter V rules here.

December WEISS SCHWARZ Tournaments!


That’s right, we’re not just doing one Weiss Schwarz tournament this month, we’re doing TWO! The holidays make it hard for everyone to get together so we’re giving everyone more than one opportunity to join in on the fun. There will be free promos for all who show up, snacks and drinks available as well. The dates for these tourney’s are:

Wednesday, December 14th at 5:00 pm
Sunday, December 18th at 1:00 pm

Entry fees for both tournaments will be $5 which will go towards Child’s Play Charity. The store will provide In Store Credit prizes for the winners. Deck format will be Neo-Standard (all cards from one set). If you have any questions let us know. We hope to see you there!


Extra Life Game Event

On Saturday November 5th we’re going to be partnering up with our friend Dan Garcia to host an Extra Life fundraiser to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network & Seattle Children’s Hospital. This all day event is going to include lots of games, retro game high score challenges, prizes, snacks, and grab bags filled with goodies from the store, with all proceeds going to Extra Life.

Help us raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital!

Come join us as we spend the day playing games and raising money for
Seattle Children’s Hospital!

There will be free-play stations set up to play games like Towerfall, Tetris, Bomberman, Nidhogg, Mr. Driller, Contra, and Pac-man~ just to name a few. We’ll also be hosting retro game high score challenges for those who donate a minimum of $1, with winners receiving Sunken Treasures Games gift cards.

High Score Challenges Starting Times:
Pac-Man – 2:00 pm
Contra – 3:00 pm
Mr. Driller – 4:00 pm

Sunken Treasures will be bagging up surprises for video game and anime themed grab bags at varying donation prices. (These will be limited in number so snag one early!) Snacks and soda will also be available for munching all day long, including spudnuts from The Spudnut Shop and pizzas from Atomic Ale Brewpub!!

Our fundraising goal for the day is $300, but we’d love to do more! Help us help the children and join us for a day of fun playing games!

For more information about Extra Life and how it helps children, check out their website.

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat

Come Trick or Treat with us on Halloween!! From 3:00-5:00 pm the many of the businesses at the Uptown Shopping Center will be handing out candy for all the kids (big and small). Hope to see you there!!