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This Just In! ~ A September Store Tour

This is the 1st ever “I found my camera’s battery!!!” edition of ‘This Just In!’ — I was so happy I had to take a bunch of pictures. 😀 A new wave of Attack on Titan Keychain Straps are in. We’ve posted it before, but here’s our Knights of the Round arcade cabinet again. 3 […]

FFXI June Version Update Imminent!

It’s been a busy month in the world of Vana’diel, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the upcoming June version update. As I’d mentioned in a previous post, this version update ushers in a slew of new and exciting changes to Final Fantasy XI, including the removal of the 75 level cap that’s been in place […]

FFXI – Feast of the Swords PRIME

Monday night, the HotHamWater linkshell had a pretty productive evening. First up we took care of Leviathan Prime, one of the Summoner’s cooler looking avatars, for LS member Topcat. The fight itself went smoothly, in line with the other avatar battles we’ve completed so far, and the trip there through the Den of Rancor was […]

FFXI Figure Pickups

I recently received a few Final Fantasy XI treats in the mail, one very small, and one very large… First up is this adorable collection of gashapon (capsule toy) figures: These figures (Fenrir, a Mandragora, a Moogle, and several colored variants) were originally released via vending machines in sets of 3 sometime in 2002, and […]

FFXI – An ENM, and BLU subjob progress!

Last Sunday in Final Fantasy XI, our linkshell (HotHamWater) was able to successfully complete our first Empty Notorious Monster battle — Like the Wind. This isn’t something we’d ever tried before, so our victory was as exciting as it was surprising. Essentially the monster we had to defeat was a small lizard, but damn was […]

My New Love in Final Fantasy XI

TheCherneymin and I have been playing Final Fantasy XI for years now and from the beginning I haven’t strayed far from my Black Mage.  The nuking power of my Black Mage is awesome, and with the help of some of my White Mage spells I can live through some sticky situations.  While I have unlocked […]