Sunken Treasures Games

What’cha Been Watchin’ ~ Love Live

In the spirit of Anime Week I wanted to do a post about some anime I’m watching. I have been watching quite a bit of it lately so I’m really excited to share it with you! For starters Love Live! is a musical anime about a group of girls who form an “idol” group to […]

Miku Hatsune!

Vocaloid fans rejoice! The newest trial deck for Weiss Schwarz is here and it’s “Project Diva F” featuring Miku with Ren & Rin. We even have some super cute matching sleeves to put the cards in. Personally, this is one of the most (if not THE MOST) exciting set released for Weiss Schwarz for me. […]

FOR GREAT TREASURE! — Our very own theme song!?

Our good friend from the north, Ser Flash, recently took the time to sit down and compose an amazing chiptune style theme song for our store’s one year anniversary (which OMG, is just around the corner!). “FOR GREAT TREASURE!” is available now for streaming and download on Ser’s Bandcamp page here. FOR GREAT TREASURE! by […]

Pixel Dreams – My Favorite Bedtime Video Game Tunes

Have you ever gone to sleep after a marathon gaming session and continued the adventure in your dreams? I’m sure just about everybody has experienced this in some shape/form. Vivid deams of fighting futuristic wars, strategerizing historic battles, or even trying to farm that one last diamond block usually make for an interesting night’s sleep. […]

Green Team (Rainbow Road) — An Original Love Song by MoosiferX

This is a song I wrote for my awesome sister in law and her boyfriend a little while back. Whenever they play any multiplayer Mario games, they always rock the “Green Team”… so I thought I’d come up with a little song that not only expresses their love for one another, but Luigi and Yoshi’s […]