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Pixel Dreams – My Favorite Bedtime Video Game Tunes

Have you ever gone to sleep after a marathon gaming session and continued the adventure in your dreams? I’m sure just about everybody has experienced this in some shape/form. Vivid deams of fighting futuristic wars, strategerizing historic battles, or even trying to farm that one last diamond block usually make for an interesting night’s sleep. […]

The Sound Test

As many of you know, one of Sarah and my favorite pastimes is listening to video game podcasts. Well not too long ago launched one that’s right up our alley, The Sound Test. Featuring a wide variety of video game music — from the most popular games, to ones that may have gone under […]

“Flower” Soundtrack Now Available On PSN

The soundtrack for the PlayStation Network hit “Flower” is perfection.  Like the game itself, it covers a wide variety of emotional tones, and has you feeling better for having listened to it.  While the music can be somewhat subtle at times, it’s incredibly effective.  So when I heard that Sony was releasing the soundtrack on […]