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Magic the Gathering ~ Kaladesh ~ Available Now!

Magic the Gathering ~ Kaladesh is out today and we have Booster Boxes/Packs, Planeswalker Decks, Deckbuilder’s Toolkits, and Bundles (Fat Packs) available now!

Post Turkey-Pocalypse Celebration of Commerce (Sales on Friday & Saturday)

This Friday and Saturday we have a variety of sales going on at Sunken Treasures for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! * 20% off all Used Video Games, Anime and Manga. * 15% off all Figma, FiguARTs, and Nendoroid figures. * 20% off all Card Sleeves, Playmats and Deck Boxes. * Magic the Gathering […]

Battle for Zendikar – Pre-Orders and Pre-Release Info!

Just a heads up peoples! Today we’re starting pre-orders for Magic: The Gathering Battle for Zendikar booster boxes, fat packs and more. In addition, signups for the pre-release are open as of this morning. The pre-release will take place on Saturday, September 26th at 5:00 p.m. and is limited to 18 people. We’ll be provided […]

This Just In! ~ Mid-January 2015 Post of *Pop* BUCKETS OF FUN

We’re already halfway through January and have plenty of fun new stuff to share with you. *Mr. Bucket not included! Fairy Tail Weiss Schwarz Trial Decks and Booster Packs made their way to the store yesterday. Only a small amount of booster packs remain after the great onslaught of January 14th, but there’s still plenty […]

Magic the Gathering Modern Event Decks and Conspiracy Pre-Orders!

Just in time for our weekly Magic the Gathering Tuesday Night Event, we have Magic the Gathering Conspiracy Booster Boxes, and Modern Event decks up for Pre-Order. As of this post we only have 7 Event Decks left, so if you’re wanting one, the time is now! For more details, check with us this evening […]

TableTop Day at Sunken Treasures Games!

TableTop Day is in full swing at STG! We already have quite a few people here, but we’ll be doing tutorials for Weiss Schwarz, Magic the Gathering, and Tanto Cuore all day. If you come play we have some awesome promos to hand out! Between our store and Adventures Underground, the Uptown is definitely the […]

Jace vs. Vraska Duel Decks Available Now!

The Magic the Gathering “Jace vs. Vraska” Duel Deck is here and available NOW! It’s $19.99 + tax. If you’re new to MTG, the duel decks can be a great way to get your hands on a couple of Planeswalkers without having to buy a bunch of booster packs. ^_^ Duel Decks tend to go […]

M14 – The Core Is HERE!

Magic the Gathering 2014 Core Set is here and ready for everyone! We have a TON of it available: Booster Packs $3.49/pack Booster Boxes $109.99/box Intro Packs $14.99/each Deck Builder’s Tool Kits $19.99/each Fat Packs $37.99/each As an added bonus, if you pick up an entire booster box, you get a free foil Ratchet Bomb! […]

This Just In! ~ Post-4th of July GETS!

4th of July (as well as a CRAZY BUSY June) have come and gone – and the store has stocked up with some fun new stuffs. In addition, we’ve been doing a little bit of remodeling as of late. We’ve restocked our Panda banks! Be sure to check out the demo unit by the register […]

Magic the Gathering Games Day!

This Saturday is Sunken Treasures Games’ first ever Magic the Gathering Games Day! We’ll be hosting a Standard Tournament from 6:00 p.m. until whenever it ends. Promos and prizes will be provided and there will be a $5 entry fee for additional prize stuffs! Hope to see you here. ^_^