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Baseball, Whales, and Verboseness

This weekend was a perfect weekend for games. TheCherneymin, his parents, nephew (Kartman), and myself went to Seattle for Friday and Saturday’s Mariner’s games against the Red Sox. This would account for the quiet website over the last few days. Vacations are a great time for gaming, I think. Late nights spent at the hotel […] – Day #2

Day #2 of our subscription wasn’t as exciting as Day #1. Every game I tried watching on the PS3 kept giving me an error, so I was only able to watch games on my computer. After a quick Google search, I found that I wasn’t the only one having this problem. It seems that […] + PS3 = No Need To Order Cable/Satellite

You may find this weird, but Aaron and I don’t have television/cable/satellite. It’s too expensive and there are few things we’d even watch that aren’t available for free on Hulu, Netflix, or any channel’s particular website. We did end up getting cable a few years ago just for the baseball season and then canceled it […]