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This Just In! ~ After the Storm Edition of Awesome Random Stuffs

Time for another “This Just In!” post! We’ve had a bunch of random stuff showing up/going on at the store lately, and I’m here to tell you all about it. That was quite a storm the other day! We had water washing into the store for a little while. o.O; Hope everyone is doing okay! […]

This Just In! ~ A Few Random Thingies in January

So while the majority of our shipments have been delayed due to the complete garbo weather we’re experiencing in the Pacific Northwest, ONE BOX BROKE THROUGH! So we have a few new stuff things to share. Stocked up on a ton of new Monster Hunter plushies today and did some general re-pricing of some of […]

Star Fox Zero in stock today!

Fox and his crew have landed at Sunken Treasures Games today with his latest thrilling adventure: Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. This game also comes bundled with a mini-game – Star Fox Guard! Snag your copy today!

Labor Day Sale!

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope everyone is having a fun holiday. To make the day even better we’re having a big sale!! ALL OUR USED VIDEO GAMES, ANIME, and MANGA ARE ALL BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!ALL FIGURES ARE 15% OFF! Swing by the store today (10:00am – 7:30pm) and check out our selection of […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Day 7

How many more days until Christmas? Six? Gah! I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite done shopping for my friends and family yet. Time to get a move on huh? Well if you are in the same boat I am, hopefully these ideas will help you finish your list. 1) Sunset Riders – […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Day 3

Another day, another series of gift ideas for the good boys and girls on your list. Here, and every day until Christmas Eve, I’m going to be posting a little guide for you full of fun items you can pick up at our store. Here ya go: 1) Neon Genesis Evangelion – Rei Ayanami – […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of STG’s gift guide. Here you will find a few items I think you might find interesting for the good boys and girls on your lists. 1) Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji Raffle – A very popular raffle event in Japan, we’ve imported it for your enjoyment. The concept is simple~ buy […]

This Just In!

A few fun things have arrived in the store today~ Weiss Schwarz Extra Booster sets: Persona Q, Little Busters: Card Mission, and Da Capo: Sakurasaku Pack. Packs are $6.70+tax each and boxes are $37.99+tax. Two “Fairy Tale” figures: Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel. They are $109.99+tax each. A beautiful Frau Koujiro figure from Robitics;Notes, complete […]

Weiss Schwarz Update!

Good new Weiss Schwarz fans! English Angel Beats and Madoka trial decks in stock for $19.99+tax. There has also been a price change across the board on all WS products~ Booster packs are now $4.49+tax, booster boxes are $79.99+tax, extra booster packs are $6.79+tax, and extra booster boxes are $37.99+tax. In addition, we’re doing a […]

So Many Gamecube Games!!

       In my experience every summer is the “Summer of Nintendo”. As the summer temperatures rise so do people’s desire for Nintendo games. This year more so than previous years, Gamecube games are in super high demand. This is why I am so pleased to show off some of the major titles we currently have in […]