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Games of the Half-Way Through the Year that May/May Not Have Actually Come Out This Year Awards™ 2017!

It’s that magical time of the year folks — July! We’re just over half way through the year and that means award season has finally arrived. What were your most cherished games that you’ve played so far in 2017 that may or may not have actually come out this year? Which one(s) deserve a nonsensical […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Japanese Hobby Stuffs

With Christmas just around the corner, we know how hard it can be to pick out something for somebody when you know little to nothing about their favorite hobby. If somebody were to ask me to purchase a gift for their friend who’s REALLY into shuffleboarding, I would certainly be at a loss. That said, […]

Podcast Round Up

Maybe it’s because it’s summer and most people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather, but July-August is a slower time of year for the store. And by slower, I mean there aren’t as many huge rushes of customers that come in all at once. For some reason there’s more of a steady flow […]