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WinterFest 2017

Join us and the Uptown Shopping Center for this year’s WinterFest on Saturday December 9th for sales, treats, and fun! Get 25% off games when you buy a system from us. In addition, all our anime and manga are 50% off! While you’re in the Uptown, why not check out the Meet & Greet with […]

Playstation 1 Games!

A huge batch of Playstation 1 games have been priced and put on the shelves! Come check out these titles and more!

Games Games Games Games Games

“So many games to price- I have to stay functional until my mission is complete.” – S-800 Model 102

PC Big Box Heaven!

Here’s a happy way to start the week: a huge pile PC gaming nostalgia! And for a bonus pic, here’s some #pcgamer discs we remember from when we were younger. Always a delight to see these little guys. Any old school PCG subscribers out there? Come in and tell us your favorite pc gaming memory […]

What’cha playing?

In a perfect world, we here at STG would be at home playing games. Instead we’ll play with figures~ like these amazing Legend of Zelda ones, dreaming of fighting monsters and grinding that EXP. What are your gaming goals this weekend? Sarah would be playing Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS, and Aaron would be […]

Nintendo 64 Games~~

Some new N64 games came in today! Check out these and all our other games in store.

Mario Odyssey In Stock!

Happy Mario Odyssey Day everyone! We have four copies in stock and ready to jump into your system!!

Nintendo Handhelds!

Some Nintendo handhelds for your weekend gaming pleasure. Aren’t they beautiful? Which one is your favorite?

Games of the Half-Way Through the Year that May/May Not Have Actually Come Out This Year Awards™ 2017!

It’s that magical time of the year folks — July! We’re just over half way through the year and that means award season has finally arrived. What were your most cherished games that you’ve played so far in 2017 that may or may not have actually come out this year? Which one(s) deserve a nonsensical […]

This Just In! ~ After the Storm Edition of Awesome Random Stuffs

Time for another “This Just In!” post! We’ve had a bunch of random stuff showing up/going on at the store lately, and I’m here to tell you all about it. That was quite a storm the other day! We had water washing into the store for a little while. o.O; Hope everyone is doing okay! […]