Sunken Treasures Games

This Just In! ~ A September Store Tour

This is the 1st ever “I found my camera’s battery!!!” edition of ‘This Just In!’ — I was so happy I had to take a bunch of pictures. 😀 A new wave of Attack on Titan Keychain Straps are in. We’ve posted it before, but here’s our Knights of the Round arcade cabinet again. 3 […]

This Just In! ~ Wednesday Happenings and New Arrivals

WeissFight!! Wednesday was a blast, as per usual. This past week we had a great turnout, and many a game of Weiss Schwarz was enjoyed. Also, we’ve also had a lot of excellent merchandise come in as of late that we’re dying to share with you! Sarah unloading her Weiss Schwarz decks. We play, and […]

This Just In! ~ Mid January GET!

Today’s edition of “This Just In” features a few random shipments that we received today, full of goodies for the masses! We love days like today when our shipments all hit at once. Makes for a productive afternoon. ^_^ As huge fans of Star Trek (both TOS and TNG), we were pretty stoked about the […]

Sunken Treasures Games ~ Now with Miku!

Today, Sunken Treasures Games had a very special guest, courtesy of “Project Diva f” for the Playstation Vita – Hatsune Miku! Through the magic of Project Diva f for the Playstation Vita, famed idol Miku was able to take a stroll through our store today. ^^; That’s the same face we make when we see […]

This Just In! ~ DaiJapan Shipment Edition of SO MUCH STUFF!*

Today we got in our first shipment from one of our new distributors in Japan. There’s so much crazy awesome stuff, our minds were blown. A large portion of our biggest shipment of crazy awesome stuff from Japan ever. Chocolate Mario Eggs, Evangelion Drinks, Danny Choo‘s educational “Moekana”, sleeves and so much more! Fate/Zero WeiB […]

This Just In ~ September Edition of WHAT!? MVC2!?

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a “This Just In” segment on the website here, and as September draws to a close now seems like as good a time as any. We’ve added so much to the store over the last month! Wrote a post about it. Like to see it, here it […]

Buried Treasure – Magic the Gathering Edition

It has been quite a while since we have done a “Buried Treasure” post and today ended up being the perfect day to do it. I came into some really neat Magic the Gathering items that are a total blasts from the past and am dying to show you! Isn’t that just a fun sight? […]

New Figures In Stock!

With our latest shipment of figures, the display case is filled to the brim with exciting and incredibly detailed figures. Some of the new additions are: Yui from K-ON! Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin A four set of Final Fantasy XIII characters Falco from Fist of the North Star Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica […]

Avacyn Restored – Midnight Release Party Pics

Tonight we have quite the lot of Magic enthusiasts hanging out eagerly awaiting the release of Avacyn Restored at midnight! This is our first ever midnight release party, and we’re super excited. Here’s a few pics from the ongoing event. ^_^ Some fine folks enjoying a group game in the front of the store. SARAHBOT […]

A surprise visit from the Empire!?

On 5/01 (apparently 501st day) some of the Empire’s Elite decided to pay a visit to Sunken Treasures Games! SARAHBOT 9000 happened to be wandering around the store, and was quite taken with these agents of evil. I’m not sure if we should be worried or not! SARAHBOT 9000 strikes a pose with some of […]