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Neko Atsume Ichiban Kuji is in stock!

The NekoAtsume ICHIBAN KUJI has started! The prizes are: coasters, journal/sticker sets, hand towels, cups, keychains, and TWO Tubbs plushies!! Tickets are $9.99+tax each and each ticket is a winner!! Come on down and snag your prize before Tubbs eats them all!!

Kizumonogatari Ichiban Kuji is Live!

The latest Monogatari Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle (phew, that’s a tongue twister!) starts this morning with Kizumonogatari. This is a PREMIUM Ichiban Kuji raffle, and includes 7 large scale figures, several nendoroid sized figures, and some amazing kyun-chara keychains. There’s 100 prizes all together and every ticket is a winner. Participate today!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Ichiban Kuji!

Our latest Ichiban Kuji proxe raffle is under way!  This time it’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 ~ Diamond Is Unbreakable. This prize raffle includes a variety of character goods including: large towels, art glasses, kokeshi keychains, art glasses, and an AMAZING “Last Prize” ~ a JoJo tote bag!  If JoJo is your thing be […]

This Just In – December Edition!

Happy December everybody! It’s time for another edition of “This Just In!”. Plenty of fun stuffs stocked and re-stocked over the last few weeks. The big yellow sign is back! After way too long painting little pixels, it’s back and better than ever. The newest Weiss Schwarz Dogs Days” extra booster set is in! If […]

One Piece Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle Under Way!

Our latest Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle has begun, and this time it’s for One Piece: Colosseum Battle! This prize raffle features 80 One Piece themed prizes including: 6 large scale figures, 12 chibi figure dioramas, decals, keychains, banner towels and more! As per usual, each raffle ticket is $9.99 + tax, and you get your […]

Fate/Stay Night: “Unlimited Blade Works” Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle!

Today marks the beginning of a new Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle at Sunken Treasures Games – this time it’s “Unlimited Blade Works” from the Fate series. There are 66 total prizes that include high quality foil prints, 4 different Kyun Charas (Nendoroid sized figures), cups, towels, keychains, and more! Each prize ticket is $9.99 and […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of STG’s gift guide. Here you will find a few items I think you might find interesting for the good boys and girls on your lists. 1) Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji Raffle – A very popular raffle event in Japan, we’ve imported it for your enjoyment. The concept is simple~ buy […]

Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji Raffle Starts 12/4 @ 5:00!

Along with Winter Fest starting in the Uptown this evening, we’re releasing wave 1 of our heavily anticipated Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji Raffle starting at 5:00 p.m.! Unfamiliar with Ichiban Kuji? It’s a prize raffle where every ticket purchased guarantees you one of the amazing Sailor Moon themed prizes. Everything from plushies, to large scale […]

Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle UPDATE!

Okay folks, it’s time for an Ichiban Kuji Prize Raffle UPDATE! The “Kill la Kill” Ichiban Kuji is here and available RIGHT NOW! Each ticket is $7.99 and prizes include figures, keychains, t-shirts, posters, pin sets and more. Remember every ticket is a guaranteed prize. Overall the Kill la Kill I.K. has 66 total prizes. […]

Gurren Lagann Ichiban Kuji ~ Round 2!

After blasting through our first Gurren Lagann Ichiban Kuji in a little under an hour, it’s time for Round 2! Unfamiliar with Ichiban Kuji? Essentially it’s a big raffle, where every time you participate you’re guaranteed a prize. Each attempt is $9.99 + tax, and prizes can be something as small as a chibi figure […]