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Green Team (Rainbow Road) — An Original Love Song by MoosiferX

This is a song I wrote for my awesome sister in law and her boyfriend a little while back. Whenever they play any multiplayer Mario games, they always rock the “Green Team”… so I thought I’d come up with a little song that not only expresses their love for one another, but Luigi and Yoshi’s […]

5 Places to Visit While in Seattle for PAX!

Hey there peoples. PAX is a mere 10 days away, and while the convention itself will be taking up most of everyone’s time, there’s bound to be a bit of downtime. Sarah and I head up to Seattle just about once a month, and while we’re not necessarily experts on the city, there are a […]

Game Handles – A Detailed History and a New Beginning

Something that’s always fascinated me throughout my years of multiplayer gaming, is the selection of game handles. For some people it’s a very nonchalant decision, as simple as typing in the first word that comes to mind, but for others it’s a painstaking process that bears some pretty hefty consideration. Nowadays I fall into the […]

Dragon Quest Fest 2010 @ PAX Prime

This year’s Seattle Penny-Arcade Expo is set to be a pretty special one for those of us who’ve been pouring hour after hour into Square Enix’s incredible Dragon Quest IX. Since it’s initial launch onto the Nintendo DS last month, meetups have been organized around the globe (both by Nintendo and your average Joe) to […]

PixelJunk Shooter – One Year in the Making!

“Dearest Aaron and Sarah, Remember that one time you heroically plunged into the depths of a foreign planet, pulverized a wide variety of strange creatures, accidentally slaughtered a few of my friends, and eventually saved me from the bowels of a giant robotic drilling machine that was hell bent on… drilling? Yeah, those were good […]

Sunken Treasures @ PAX Prime!

The biannual Penny-Arcade Expo is just under a month away, and your friends at Sunken Treasures Games are going to be there covering whatever games we can get our hands on, and maybe even doing some podcasting with our friends over at Crush! Frag! Destroy!!! With the trip to Seattle, we’ll no doubt be hitting […]

Changing of the Guard – New Demos In the Store

It’s been a long time coming- in fact, it’s way past due. When you enter the store today, a plethora of sweet new game music will reach your ears. I am very happy with this set of games we’ve selected to demo; the variety of retro, cool, family friendly, and obscure is great! Jet Grind […]

Podcast Round Up

Maybe it’s because it’s summer and most people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather, but July-August is a slower time of year for the store. And by slower, I mean there aren’t as many huge rushes of customers that come in all at once. For some reason there’s more of a steady flow […]

Dragon Quest IX – Progress Report 8/6/2010!

This progress report probably contains minor spoilers in regards to places and items in DQIX. Just a heads up! 33 hours in and I’ve yet to see a Liquid Metal Slime!? Good lord! I Just obtained my 6th Fygg from the Swinedimples (HAR HAR!) Academy for young wizards and witches, and rather than progressing the […]

Death Smiles ~ Bullet Heaven

Warning! — the following blurb contains copious amount of kawaii. Please understand that this cannot be helped. Death Smiles, an intense scrolling shooter for XBOX 360, has always been a game that I’d kept my eye on, even when it was initially released in Japan in 2007. It was another one of those rare instances […]