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Buried Treasures – Gems from the Dreamcast

bt021“Buried Treasure” is a new feature on the site where we’ll be writing about various games, gems if you will, that we think are fantastic and worth playing, and that you may have missed the first time around.

September 9th was the 11th birthday of my favorite underrated system — the Sega Dreamcast. (Happy birthday!) I wanted to write about some of the games that I have come to love that not everyone knows about. In addition to celebrating over a decade of Dreamcast awesomeness, I was inspired by an unfortunate customer I had that day. This poor guy refused to play the Dreamcast solely because it didn’t sell many units. Despite my efforts to tell him about the amazing games that were on it, he still stood by his opinion of it being a bad system due to “poor sales”. We will forgive this man’s ignorance and continue on.

The first of these gems I’d like to talk about is the fabulous Space Channel 5. This rhythm game stands out to me because of it’s exciting music, bright and colorful visuals, super cute main character, and fun gameplay. The game’s heroine, Ulala, a field reporter for Space Channel 5, is investigating reports of aliens invading the Space Port and forcing people to dance. Ulala must out dance the aliens to defeat them and save the hostages. The more moves Ulala matches the more hostages she saves and the higher her TV ratings get, which in turn gives her more power for the following encounters. Throughout the game you meet other reporters, some out to destroy Ulala’s ratings, and others who are more friendly and helpful. There is even an extra special secret cameo by Michael Jackson towards the end of the game.

Unlike other rhythm games I have played, Space Channel 5 has aged very well and is a game I love to go back to. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are a lot of fun, but they don’t excite me as much when I think about going back to play them. There is a story in Space Channel 5, as opposed to other rhythm games (where you are just unlocking new venues), and I enjoy how that story helps enhance the gameplay.

The second gem I wanted to talk about, Power Stone 2, offers one of the most fun multiplayer experiences you could ever want. This multiplayer fighting game has several exciting 3-D stages that change and evolve as you progress throughout each level. In each stage there are various (and often hilarious) interactive items that can be used as weapons or to regain health. In addition, there are large colorful stones characters try to collect. Once you collect three stones your character is granted super powers that vary depending on the character you chose to play as. Each of the thirteen playable characters are radically different from each other and provide different fits for different play styles.

The cheesy dialogue, outrageous boss battles, dynamic stages, and over powered super moves create an incredibly fun and often times hectic experience. Power Stone 2 has been a staple for our “Dreamcast-athon” nights for years because of the entertaining madness that ensues.

There are many more treasures I would like to talk about, but we’ll save them for another day. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking out Space Channel 5 and Power Stone 2! Please check back as we will be uncovering and writing about more games that may have gone under your radar.

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  1. We’ll have to host another Dreamcast-athon in the near future. It’s been too long! Go go Disney’s Dinosaur!!!!!

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