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Collages – Sprucing Up The Store

The Spring Cleaning bug has hit me early at the store and I have put myself to work creatively to make the store look that much cooler. While I was cleaning up of the back area I kept running into old posters, fliers, magazines for video games and I figured instead of just letting them sit around I decided to make something out of them. This is what I came up with:

First off, I had been collecting the empty Magic the Gathering booster boxes just because and after I had a bunch saved up, I made these:



These things are silly but one has worked very well at making an empty display case full, and hiding the ugly underbelly of my boss’ old desk. To hide the rest of the back of my boss’ old deck really got creative:


The horizontal angel one hides testing games, Q-tips and other cleaning supplies:


This is the rest of his desk.


Our shipping desk has probably been the biggest eyesore in the store, ever. It’s huge, and the entire front part is open, showing all the shipping materials and old art supplies my boss use to sell. So ugly! Not anymore!



While it covers everything behind it, this collage is actually functional:


This panel slides open so we can get to the garbage can behind it! It is probably the most fun collage I made so far!

This one is hiding some drawers that were never used and were a total eyesore to the nice DreamCast display case.


There is still plenty of work we need to do here, but I am so thrilled with what we’ve done so far! This spring is going to a great one for us here at the store. Between getting crafty and our drawings, I think the first few months of 2011 are going to fly by!

Speaking of drawings! Don’t forget to stop by and sign up for the Magic the Gathering drawing we have going until Valentine’s Day. You can sign up once a day, every day until then.

OH! And we had another Random Game Night this last week. Check back with us later this week for all the fun details with that!

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