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Sunken Treasures Games – The Store

Tomorrow, Monday the 9th, Sarah and I will be opening up our very own video game store — Sunken Treasures Games — in Richland, WA. Our family, friends, and the two of us have put a metric ton of hard work into getting this place to look the way we want it to, and we truly hope you’ll come with us on this exciting new adventure!


We’ll be buying and selling new and used games, as well as Magic cards, anime, and other awesome trinkets. Also, we have a couple fantastic/comfortable tables set up for people to play the CCG of their choice, and/or roll some D12’s.

As for our location, hours, and phone number:

Sunken Treasures Games
1341B George Washington Way
Richland, WA 99354

Open Mon. through Sat. 11:00 a.m. -> 8:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, please feel free give us a call (1-509-943-4564) or e-mail us (

In the (hopefully) near future, we’ll be adding an inventory section to this blog, allowing you to see if we have a game in stock before you even head our direction. We would’ve had this up on day one, but this has all happened about a year faster than we planned for… o.O;

Anyways, be sure to swing by the store, follow us on Twitter (@st_games), and like us on Facebook! We’re incredibly excited to open these doors to the world, and hope that you share this excitement as well. See you soon!

9 Responses to “Sunken Treasures Games – The Store”

  1. Seriously jazzed for you guys! Can’t wait to (eventually) get to see the store in person!

  2. Can’t believe this is really happening!! You two are the best!! Mom and Dad

  3. I’m pimping the shit out of this store tonight on the episode! just you guys wait & see!

  4. How close are you guys to posting your inventory?

  5. We’re about 90% done w/ our inventory list. So expect a fully updated inventory section to this site sometime next week!!!

  6. how much are your ds games and wii games….average price for used???

  7. All of our game prices vary depending on title. Average would probably $7.99-$14.99, some are cheaper and some are more expensive. Is there a certain game or games you were looking for? We have lots so you stop by sometime and check out our selection. 😀

  8. i was wondering if i could get a job application or if theres a spot open at all to hire

  9. @Keenan We are currently good for help at the moment, but feel free to swing by a resume. We’ll keep it on file. 🙂

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