Sunken Treasures Games

STG: To do now then, would be very “nowtro”.

Don’t forget, STG doesn’t just sell used games anymore. We have some terrific NEW games in stock, including L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat (9), Crysis 2, Infamous 2, and Duke Nukem Forever all for $57.99 each! Trade in some of your old games towards games like these today! (Or tomorrow. Whenever, really!) ^_^b

New Games

A few other titles to keep an eye out for in the not so distant future are:

Oblivion: Anniversary Edition (PS3, XBOX 360) — July 12th
Catherine (PS3, XBOX 360) — July 25th
El Shiddai (PS3, XBOX 360) — July 25th

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