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Buried Treasure: Gargoyle’s Quest II — Uh… Uh… Uh…

Last night the Sunken Treasures Crew and a few friends decided to take on a classic NES game in the spirit of Game Center CX/Retro Game Master. After some deliberation (and a few rounds of Marvel vs. Capcom 3) we landed on Capcom’s Gargoyle’s Quest II.

Gargoyle's Quest II - The Legend of Curly's Gold

A spin off of the Ghosts ‘N Goblins series, Gargoyle’s Quest sees you taking control of one of GnG’s most hated enemies, the “Red Arremer”. But you’re not just any red arremer, you’re Firebrand, the young warrior in training! The plot of the game is actually pretty adorable, and sees you trying to avenge your village and your King, who are taken by the mysterious “Black Light” early on. You travel from town to town searching for clues, and platforming like a fiend along the way.

The game switches between an exploration mode — very similar to most RPG’s — and a platforming mode — where you progress through the various levels/challenges. The platforming mechanics are really fun, but like other GnG games can be pretty darned difficult. Firebrand has the ability to shoot fire, latch onto walls, and fly/hover for a limited amount of time (much like Princess Peach in SMB2). While the game does use a password system that allows you to continue from specific towns, in the few hours we played we never saw one! The game just kept respawning us telling us “we were revived because of the password”. o.O;

Firebrand, just chilling.

Gargoyle’s Quest II came out a bit later in the Nintendo’s life cycle and as a result is a pretty nice looking game. For such a dark evil world, it’s actually quite vibrant and colorful! The music, composed by Yuki Iwai of Mega Man X fame, is very pleasant to listen to, and makes dying at the same spot over and over a little less painful.

On the whole we really enjoyed what we played of the game, and look forward to completing our adventure and helping young Firebrand succeed in his quest!

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