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What’cha Been Playing – KnittedFox’s June & July Edition

Despite the busy schedule I have been keeping running the store, I have been able to get a wee bit of gaming in. It’s all handheld gaming, and most of it is on the iPod Touch. Thank goodness for games that are easy to play in quick bursts! Without them I wouldn’t be getting any gaming done.

hss03Hot Springs Story by Kairosoft

In this cute Sim game you are the owner of a small hot spring, and with the help of your awesome Manageress the hot spring will reach #1 in the country in no time! As more guests come and stay at your hot spring, you unlock various items and rooms that will make your place more appealing. As time goes by you can expand your grounds to include more hot springs and house more guests.

hss02There are also “hot spring guides” you can enter that will rank your hot spring which unlocks more guests, items, and gives you a monetary bonus. Different guides want your hot spring to focus on particular aspects- how pretty your facility is, how good your cooks are, and of course how good your hot springs themselves are.

aod01Army of Darkness: Defense by Backflip Studios

In this tower defense style game, you play as Ash and fight off the swarms of evil dead to protect the Necronomicon. As you kill baddies, they can drop money or resources which help level up Ash, his abilities, or even members of your own army!

aod02I am currently on Wave 48 and the difficulty has grown immensely over the past dozen or so waves. The game is pretty forgiving in that you get to keep all the gold you collected in a wave, even if you don’t defeat that wave. This makes it so you can grind gold to level up anything you feel your are lacking- whether that’s Ash’s “Boom Stick” or any of his other abilities, buffing up soldiers in your army, or even buffing up Arthur’s castle itself.

ffivcc01Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection by SquareEnix

This game isn’t as easy to pick up and play as the others I’ve been playing, but the PSP’s sleep mode makes it fairly easy. Most of my time playing this has been at night in bed. I am 12 hours in and loving it so far.

The story, the music, the crisp, pretty 2D graphics… everything about this game is amazing. The story, in specific, is excellent. There is depth to all of the characters, and the intertwining of the character’s stories just amplify that. There have been multiple late late nights due to (happily) being sucked into this game.

dlrr01Dexter’s Laboratory: Robot Rampage by Altron

While in Seattle a few weeks ago, we stopped by our favorite game store on the west side of the state, Pink Gorilla Games and I picked up a GameBoy Color gem. I was feeling nostalgic for old Cartoon Network shows and this game was very reasonably priced. I couldn’t resist.

Robot Rampage is a spin off of the old classic, Elevator Action. Mandark has turned all of Dexter’s robots against him and has hidden the code to fix them. Dexter must search his laboratory to find the codes while evading the robots.

dlrr02I had never played an Elevator Action game before, but I am glad I am playing this one. The game play is straight forward, but isn’t a cake walk. I would have been slightly disappointed if I’d easily plowed through this game. Actually, the only thing I am disappointed with is the lack of a save feature. Even without it though, I am having a lot of fun playing through and memorizing levels.

Now that I look at it, it seems like I’ve been doing a good amount of gaming despite my claim of not having time. Maybe once I finish one or two of these games, I will go back to playing Valkyria Chronicles II. I am starting to pine for it. *^_^*

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  1. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed AoD: Defense as much as you did. It’s neat to see any media featuring on of the best film series ever!

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