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PAX Prime 2011 – It’s not about the games…

It’s that time of the year again folks. After hours of driving, several nights of shenanigans and meetups, the Sunken Treasures Crew has returned home (mostly unscathed) from one of the most fun and exciting PAX’s we’ve ever experienced. And let me tell you, it was quite the wild ride! Mistakes were made, dreams were realized, and all over the course of just 4 days! PAX was definitely a blast, but something about this year was a little different.


This year’s Penny-Arcade Expo in Seattle was all I’d been looking forward to for nearly half a year. It was going to be the climax to an already excellent summer, and for the first time ever, it was going to be sort of a business trip. I was going to play more games than I’d played last year, take even more pictures, and hopefully meet a few distributors along the way.

Fortunately, most of this came to pass, but as PAX 2011 closed it’s doors this year, I realized that this convention — for all it’s impressive booths and demos — is more about the people than it is about the games.


Whether it was wandering around the convention halls, waiting in a line, or tearing it up at GameWorks, the people of PAX shined brighter than anything. Sarah and I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing fellow gamers, talk to them about what they’ve been playing, and to share with them the tale of our store. The amount of enthusiasm people showed was completely infectious, and helped make this year’s event even more incredible.


Still that’s not to say that the expo hall wasn’t impressive or anything… xD — We had the chance to check out quite a few booths/games, the most impressive of which was probably the Bioshock Infinite booth. While the game itself was only on display in trailer form the booth was really amazing looking, complete with a spot on Elizabeth and life sized Songbird bursting through the wall!

Another standout was the SEGA booth, where they were demoing the next House of the Dead game as well as Rise of Nightmares and Aliens: Colonial Marines. They had an impressive horror theme going on, including an electric chair that you could take photos in!

We steered clear of some of the bigger attractions/lines, and tried to focus on the things we could immediately attain access to. This led to finding a few gems, including one for the 3DS, a system that I’m not even that high on.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings: War in the North, a game developed by Snowblind Studios — of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath fame, was one of said gems. Sarah took the reigns on this one, plowing through Uruk-hai with her super dwarf, and teaming up with 2 others to take down huge mountain troll. Sarah managed to balance nicely between wildly swinging her axe and busting out a few shots from her crossbow to help take down the enormous enemy.

The 3DS gem in question was Square Enix‘s upcoming Heroes of Ruin, a Diablo-esque hack and slash RPG. While I wasn’t necessarily impressed with the 3D itself, the gameplay was solid, and the promise of 4 player co-op is always a huge plus in my book.

Like last year, the PAX experience culminated at the oh-so-epic SEGA party held at GameWorks. Friends, free gaming, food, and drinks is a huge win in our book, and the combination of people wandering around in their cosplay laughing, enjoying their beverages, and gaming the night away did not disappoint. And thank goodness the photo booth was up and running that night to capture the fun and insanity, because I probably couldn’t put it all into words…

Photo Booth!

Big thanks to Sean and Jeffrey for being a couple of G’s. Thanks to everybody we talked to at the various booths about distribution. We really appreciated your time! And of course thanks to all the friends who made this year so special — the Howards, Angie, Ryan/Kippis and Co., and all the people we met on this fateful journey.

PAX Prime 2011: we bid you a fond farewell. Until next year!

(For more pictures be sure to check out [and like ^^] our PAX 2011 photo album on Facebook!)

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  1. Agreed! While the games were excellent, fun, and exciting, the people of PAX were the highlight for me also. I will be posting a blurb on my PAX experience soon!

  2. Completely agree that PAX is all about the people! We love the crazy booths and all the swag, but we keep coming back because the people who we meet at PAX are almost always awesome.

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