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Kart Because You Kare!

Alright, friends, time to check your busy December schedules and clear out a night because here comes our next tournament!

Sunken Treasures Games Presents: A Mario Kart: Double Dash [Charity Tournament] — Kart Because You Kare!

Kart Because You Kare!

On Friday, December 16th @ 6:00 p.m. we’ll be hosting a full on 8 player Mario Kart: Double Dash tourney here at STG in the Uptown. The minimum entry fee is $5 and all proceeds will be going towards our efforts to raise money for the incredible Child’s Play Charity — specifically for the Sacred Hearts Children’s Hospital in Spokane, WA.

Tournament rules will be similar to our recent Halo event — random groups of 8 will compete in a series of races in MK: Double Dash for the Nintendo Gamecube, and at the end of each race points will be assigned to the top 4 places. At the end of the night, the top 3 racers (karters?) will receive in store credit, and maybe even a high five!

As usual, pizza and soda will be provided! Signups begin on Wednesday, November 16th, here at the store.

Our goal this year is to raise at least $1000 to put towards gifts for the children at Spokane’s Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, and hopefully this tournament will help us get there. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 509-943-4564.

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