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Gamer Verboseness – Yakuza and Tokyo

Getting back on a normal sleeping schedule after an overseas vacation has proven to be a challenge for me. Not that I’m complaining – not at all. Our trip to Tokyo was definitely worth the 3am bedtime I’ve been keeping since we got home. Most of my first day back to work has been spent zoning out while staring at my computer screen. While this itself isn’t a big deal, I really wanted to share an exciting part of our trip with you.

While we were in Akihabara, we ran into some locations that were featured in the “Yakuza” series on PS2 and PS3. There are close to thirty different restaurants, stores, and attractions tied into “Yakuza 3” and “Yakuza 4” and we were impressed at just how actuate (inside and out) the in-game versions of these places were.

First off is Club Sega, a multi-storied game center filled with tons of crane games, classic and current arcade games, as well as lots of photo booths, and rhythm games.

In game:

In real life:

I won this mouse & mouse pad from a crane game!

Aaron won this super cute figure from a crane game!

Next is Don Quijote, a huge discount store with a famous theme song. These stores are huge, spanning multiple floors, and they sell just about everything. (I had sooo much fun there!)

In game:

In real life:

Last, but definitely not least, is Pronto. A cafe and bar with beautiful dark wood tables, chairs, and a great atmosphere. If we had one in America, it would quickly turn into a favorite food place for me.
In game:

In real life:


Not only am I super excited to be at Pronto, eating a super yummy waffle, I am sitting next to a SUMO WRESTLER! Since taking pictures of strangers is taboo in Japan, please just take my word for it. He was a giant with his hair slicked back and done up in the traditional fashion, wearing a really sharp looking suit. So cool!

Since we’re on the topic of “Yakuza”, Aaron and I started playing the first “Yakuza” game for PS2 again last night. Oh, it’s so good! The English voice acting is decent (not great or bad). The game play itself is as terrific as ever – exploring town, fighting random punks, all of it feels fluid. If you’ve never played it before, I highly highly recommend you check it out.

That’s all for now! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. When I first scrolled through this post I didn’t even notice the screenshots. I thought they were pics from the trip! lol

  2. Fun, fun and then more fun. So glad you two had a great trip. After all of your long hours you definitely deserved a break.

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