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Gamer Verboseness – Watching Games

gv01I for one, love watching people play games. This all started when Aaron and I first started dating. He was trying to get me interested in console games so he started up Final Fantasy X we took turns playing it. For a while we would swap the controller back and forth every so often, but when the story started getting really good, I gave up my controller time so I could just watch. Over the span of the next nine years we would sit down together, and I would watch him play through many other games: Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) , Yakuza (PS2), Yakuza 2 (PS2), Shenmue (DC), Shenmue 2 (Xbox), Silent Hill 1-4, God of War (PS2), Killzone (PS3), Modern Warfare (360), Bioshock (360), Half-Life 2 (PC), Half-Life 2 Episodes 1-2 (PC), Motorstorm (PS3), Heavy Rain (PS3)… just to name a few. For me, watching Aaron play a game is a way we can experience games together and spend time together. It’s very fun for me, and I treasure every moment I watched Aaron play a game.

Endurance Run from the guys at Giant Bomb is another way for me to experience watching a game. Persona 4 isn’t a game that I expect I’ll ever play, so watching the guys at Giant Bomb play it allows me to see the gameplay, watch the story, and be a part of the experience.

It would be neat to do something like Endurance Run on Sunken Treasures, maybe with retro games or something. I know this has already been done before, and I’m not very witty/cleaver, but I would love to show other people awesome retro games that I’ve played that maybe they haven’t heard of before.

Maybe what I envision is something along the lines of GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show where comedian Shinya Arino will sit down and try to complete a FamiCom or Super FamiCom game in about 13 hours. This show is in Japanese, but you don’t need to know or understand Japanese to understand what is going on because getting psyched about doing well or getting frustrated for sucking is the same in any language. We have discovered numerous NES and SNES games from watching this show and we demo them in the store, and talk about them in the Sunken Treasures Newsletter or even here on the site. Games like Septentrion on the Super FamiCom (known in America as S.O.S. on the SNES), City Connection (NES), Mighty Bomb Jack (NES), Ganbere Goemon (SNES), Rainbow Island along with many many others.

I will have to keep my ears and eyes open for ideas that would help me bring the video medium to Sunken Treasures. Maybe one day I’ll make it happen. Until then, I will continue to share my love of games by writing here on the site.

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  1. That’d be a lot of fun to document some of our retro gaming. Maybe we’ll do a video or record one of our random game nights one of these days!

  2. Oh, that would be awesome! Let’s do a DreamCast-athon!

  3. I need to get my Megaman marathon off the ground, my PC has been having issues with streaming video from my end wich cause it to freeze often, but it’ll be done sooner or later, I’ll keep in touch!

  4. Hey! I posted a really long comment and it never showed up :S Anyway, I liked your post a lot LOL
    My blog is kind of working now, except the “game progress” part (gotta change the name of the page, though, it’s too complicated):
    Ohh, and obviously, it’s in spanish 😉
    Hope you like it!

  5. Lol, sorry! I forgot to press approve on your comments. *^-^*

  6. @GeorgieBoysAXE – A Megaman marathon sounds awesome! Let us know if you get that going, I’d love to watch!!

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