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Buried Treasure – Magic the Gathering Edition

It has been quite a while since we have done a “Buried Treasure” post and today ended up being the perfect day to do it. I came into some really neat Magic the Gathering items that are a total blasts from the past and am dying to show you!

Isn’t that just a fun sight? Exciting? Reminiscent? So many of the older sets are represented here, I’m just tickled pink over it!

A 7th Edition beginners set (2001), two 8th Edition demo cdrom games with promo cards (2003), a Portal Starter set (1997), and Portal booster pack (1997).

5th Edition (1997) and Mirage boosters (1996)

Ice Age (1995) and Fallen Empires boosters (1994)

Stronghold (1998), Weatherlight (1997), Homelands (1995), and Visions (1997) boosters

Ultra-Pro sleeves and 5th Edition decks (1997)

As it is Tuesday, we will be hosting our weekly Tuesday Night Gathering. Why not grab a deck or two (or more) and come hang out and play Magic the Gathering with us from 6pm – 9pm! We’d love to see you here!!

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  1. how much for the portal starter deck pack?

  2. We haven’t put prices on any of these items yet. Check back later on in the week and I’m hoping to have it priced by then. d^_^b

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