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It’s Been Too Long! (A Post About Starting Over)

Let’s talk about starting over. We’ve all done it at least once in our gaming lives. You start a game only to get distracted and set it aside for a while, and when you finally get back to it you can’t remember where you are, what you were doing, or how to even play the game.

To be honest, I have done this on more than one occasion. One of these games was Dragon Quest V for the Nintendo DS. As a HUGE lover of all things Dragon Quest, I’m not sure what possessed me to stop playing this game.

Life is crazy busy and sometimes it’s best to just sit down and spend an evening getting back on track. This is what I did a few nights ago so I could get back into this game. Since I was less than an hour into the game, I decided to start over for a fresh experience. The beautiful orchestrated music and the emotional intro movie had me enthralled from the get go. Before I knew it, I had played for two hours!

Dragon Quest V is about the life long journey of the Hero. You start the game playing as the Hero when he’s just a young boy. As the story progresses, he gets older. It’s really neat! Keep in mind this game was originally released in 1992 so this was a fairly new idea.

Every night since I started over, I have made it a point to play even if for 10-15 minutes. The Hero and his friend Bianca have just reached the game’s first dungeon on our way to save a baby Sabercub, and I’m enjoying a bit of early game grinding. It’s surprising how easy it can be sometimes to get back into a game like it’s no big deal.

Are there any games that you have come back to and found it really easy to get back into the swing of things? Any tips and/or tricks you have learned when getting back into a game?

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  1. Yeah I hear you there. I’m not looking forward to restarting FFXIII-2, but at least we weren’t that far into it… and in the end – it’ll still be fun. 😀

  2. Two games come to mind immediately. Sid Meier’s Pirates, and a little known game called Pharaoh. Both of these games are extremely divergent from my normal genres (FPS and RTS), and both are strangely relaxing to play, as opposed to the high adrenaline or strategic planning I usually play. I buy games compulsively, and rarely beat them. This has lead me to frequent restarts as the years go by and I find myself looking to back to older purchases. Most often, I fall back into the old habit of moving on after a few days or weeks of playing go by. The only time I have not enjoyed returning to old unbeaten games is coming back to an RPG that I’ve got 20 to 30 (I play slow) hours invested in, and have already had to restart numerous times. I find myself lacking the will to grind through the dozens of missions I already know the outcome to. This is epitomized for me in Baulders Gate 2, which I started at least five times, before I finally gave up and had someone just tell me how it ended. Its funny you should mention the “beautiful music”. Both the games I love to restart (Pirates and Pharaoh) have excellent and very unique soundtracks and ambient sound. I suspect that in the future I will feel the same way about games like Bastion and Assassins Creed.

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