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What’cha Been Playing: Gravity Rush

My Playstation Vita did a bit of dust-collecting since buying it while I waited for some of its killer apps to become available in the US. Soon, my patience was rewarded with Gravity Rush. Once we got copies in stock, I was quick to snatch one up for myself!

The Vita Had some fun stuff early on, like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Rayman Origins, and Lumines. However, Gravity Rush feels like the first real unique Vita game and really brings the newborn handheld into the spotlight. You take control of a young woman who not only has to recover her memory, but also has to stop the mysterious marauding Nevi and find out what happened to the vanishing districts of a floating city all while figuring out her ability to defy gravity and bend it to her will

The anti-gravity mechanic feels nice and clean and transitions between running and flying are mostly smooth with a few moments of clumsiness. There is a bit of a learning curve to the controls, bu the game allows you tot take your time. Numerous challenges and puzzles that dot the city make it worth zipping around, not to mention the setting is worth seeing. The beautiful, living city is a site to behold with its dusky colors and lively air-traffic. The light-hearted yet strong music makes the freedom of flying around a city just that much more fun.

The most rewarding moments in the game are the occasional twisted dimensions you visit, built solely to test your gravity-shifting proficiency. Leaping across cosmic lily pads or sliding along ruins in a warped lava tunnel rank high on the list of the most gorgeous and most adrenaline-pumping moments in the game.

Gravity Rush feels like the first great game on the PSVita and is well worth picking up you’re someone who’s been waiting patiently for a great triple AAA Vita title!

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