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This Just In! ~ Bit.Trip Edition

One of the fun things we picked up on our adventure to the Penny Arcade Expo was a handful of copies of the wonderful Bit.Trip Saga (for 3DS) and Bit.Trip Complete (for Wii). It was a lot of fun chatting with a few of the folks from Gaijin ~ the team behind the game ~ and we’re eagerly awaiting Runner 2!


Each are available for $24.99+tax.

Also Gaijin was kind enough to give us a few promotional materials, so if you’re in the store and want a sweet pin or sticker of CommanderVideo, just say the word. Thanks again to Alex for taking the time to talk with us!

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  1. SO MUCH GOODNESS!! I managed to get a pre-release build of Runner 2 to download for preview!

  2. I was so bummed that I didn’t get one, especially when I found out about all of the games on it.

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