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This Just In! ~ More Weiss and Import Gameses

Today’s “This Just In!” sees a bunch of random stuff, including a bunch more Weiss Schwarz sets, import games, boxed Intellivision games, and more!

Weiss Schwarz draws near!

As far as new Weiss Schwarz stuff goes, we got in the following sets: Persona 3, Da Capo III, Idolmaster – The Anime, Accel World, Rebuild of Evangelion, Angel Beats Vol. 1 & 2, Familiar of Zero f (Extra Boosters), Fate/Zero, Madoka, and more Guilty Crown. Phew!

Dragon Quest draws near!

An army of Dragon Quest draws near! Command?

Intellivision draws near!

Boxed Intellivision games? Me gusta!

Penguins draw near!

Amazing Mawaru Penguindrum stackers. IMAAAAAAAAGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE what you could do with them!

Imports draw near!

Various random import games for the Saturn and Dreamcast!

Moekana draws near!

More of Danny Choo‘s Moekana. This time boosters that come with a Weiss Schwarz Mirai promo card. 😀

Idolm@ster draws near!

Nendoroid Petite Idolm@ster 2! Sarah and I snuck a couple for ourselves. I got Azusa, and she got Ami (or Mami… lol).

Chibi Alphonse draws near!

Some excellent character straps from Full Metal Alchemist. Chibi Alphonse SPOTTED!

That’s all for this week – until next time!

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