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What’cha Been Playing – Dragon Fantasy

Games with 2D graphics are my favorite and are something that I can talk on and on about. The graphics are charming, simple yet beautiful music, and the large amount of text to read is something I just can’t get enough of. All the details that would go into creating each little area of a castle, forest, and world map leaves me in awe all the time. Games like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance helped shape the love I have for 2D style games.

When I spied the Dragon Fantasy booth at PAX Prime last year, with it’s 2D graphic style reminiscent of NES era games, I made a point to demo it and talk to the developers. The guys at Muteki Corporation were easily some of the most engaging and happy people at met that year, and were so enthusiastic about their game.

Not long into playing the demo, did my enthusiasm match theirs! Dragon Fantasy is everything I love in RPG’s: a solid graphic style, catchy music, a fun battle system, and clever writing. The main character, Ogden, is a knight to the castle of Wester and well past his prime. He must travel the world to rescue the prince and save the world.

Game play on iOS consists of a d-pad and action button on the screen (which can be turned invisible if desired). Tapping on the screen bring up the status menu where you can change your equipment, cast certain spells, and use items.

Battles are random, and a screen pops up so you can fight one of many cleverly named monsters. As Ogden levels, his repertoire of magic spells grows making it easier to take out baddies. Personally, I have spent a few hours over the course of the game grinding to get Ogden leveled up a bit so I can tear through monsters.

Everything about this game is what I love about RPG’s and I highly recommend it! It’s available on PS3, Vita, iPod/iPhone/iPad, and Android. Pick it up and let me know what you think!

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