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This Just In! ~ Wednesday Happenings and New Arrivals

WeissFight!! Wednesday was a blast, as per usual. This past week we had a great turnout, and many a game of Weiss Schwarz was enjoyed. Also, we’ve also had a lot of excellent merchandise come in as of late that we’re dying to share with you!

Sarah unloading her Weiss Schwarz decks. We play, and give tutorials every Wednesday evening!

Sean warming up with some tabletop gaming before we bust out our Weiss Schwarz decks. Dan (on the left) hosts board game nights every other Thursday evening at our store ~ the next event is set for September 8th! Quintin (photographed in the middle) provides witty commentary.

We’ve been getting a lot of great N64 games in lately, but even still – we can’t keep them in stock! N64 games continue to be the hottest item of the summer for us.

We picked up some excellent after market Famicom systems. They play all of the Japanese NES games, and come built in with 88 games. $39.99 + tax!

Some amazing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure blind box posters. Each one comes with 2 posters.

Our playmat selection continues to grow. Is there no end!?

Our NES selection is currently pretty bustling, complete with several boxed games!

Sarah building a fortress out of her Weiss Schwarz decks.

We have a large selection of anime mouse pads/desk mats at the moment. ゴ~ゴ~ゴ~

A first for us: we got in some very fancy looking Love Live! watches. Here’s Sarah’s favorite character Hanayo.

We also have Nico-senpai and Maki watches available!

Our trophy case is FILLED TO THE BRIM. I’m particularly fond of MikuDayo and Waver (of Fate/Zero fame).

Recently picked up some boxed XBOX systems. In wonderful condition too!

Adding to our ever growing selection of blind box figures, here’s some adorable finger puppets!

Robotics;Notes and Disgaea join our collection of blind box straps/key chains.

If you don’t get a key chain you like, you can switch it out with a different one from the same set!

Kotobukiya’s Star Wars figures are always very impressive. Here’s a recent version of Jango Fett!

Devil Survivor 2 desk/play mats. I haven’t seen the anime, but we love the games!

Our T-Shirts are currently on sale for 15 dollars a piece (plus tax). Whenever you come into the shop with one of our shirts you get 10% off. OR, where it to PAX this year and show your local game shop pride. <3

Last but not least, the Princess of the Crystal from Mawaru Penguindrum. I mostly posted this for my buddy Jeffrey, because I’m pretty sure he needs it. lol Such a huge/amazing figure!

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