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Completed – Trigger City

Recently we’ve sold quite a few copies of River City Ransom here at the store, so it has gotten me in the mood to play some side-scrolling brawlers. Games like River City Ransom and Mystical Ninja Goemon are the first two that come to my mind, but with my crazy busy schedule, I’m not able to spend much time in front of my NES or SNES. So I turned to my trusty iPod to see what I could find.

The first game that caught my eye was Trigger City by Slipshod Games. It’s visuals are an homage to River City Ransom which peeked my interest, and with a 99¢ price tag I instantly snagged it.

You play as a low level enforcer to one of your city’s many gangs, and when your best bud is done-in you seek revenge from the head gangster who has usurped the previous boss and brought mayhem and chaos to your city.

Photo Credit: Slipshod Games

It turns out this new head boss knows you are out for revenge and has put a hefty price on your head. Now every gangster in town is out for blood making your quest that much more difficult. Lucky for you, these guys drop their cash when they die, and you can use it to upgrade your move set and buy various items like health potions.

Photo Credit: Slipshod Games

As you progress through the game the gang members bring out the bigger guns, starting off with gold knuckles, glass bottles, and eventually various firearms. Good thing the main character has a mean set of brutal moves he dishes out in return.

Photo Credit: Slipshod Games

The game controlled pretty well. My little fingers felt like they had to reach just a tiny bit, but that isn’t anything to complain about. Moving around levels and attacking baddies was easy and felt really good. Hits looked like they connected well and the brutal moves were satisfying. I completed the game in about four sittings, with about three to four hours of game play (I think). There was about an hour or so’s worth of grinding for money so I don’t remember exactly how long the game was.

If you are a fan of the brawler genre and have an iOS device, I highly recommend you pick this game up!

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