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Weekly Weiss Schwarz with MoosiferX

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Weekly Weiss Schwarz with me, your host, MoosiferX! You may remember me from such films as Georgie’s Angels 2, Drake Ramon, and The Ewok Adventure (I was the baby Ewok in Scene 23).

We’ve had quite a few people interested in Weiss Schwarz ever since our successful trip to the 2014 RadCon convention in February, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you some of my favorite decks, cards, and strategies on a (somewhat) regular basis!

Before I get to that though, you may be asking yourself: “WAT IS WEISS SCHWARZ AND Y SHOULD I CARE??? lol” Weiss Schwarz is a collectible card game from Japan that features characters from over 50 different animes and video games. From Angel Beats to Disgaea, to Evangelion and most recently Kill la Kill – Weiss Schwarz is a card game that has a little something for everyone.

Every Wednesday we do tutorials on how to play Weiss Schwarz, so if you’re ever interested and we’re not too busy, swing by and we’ll show you the ropes. We have five “demo” decks to choose from: Sword Art Online, Disgaea, Bakemonogatari, Madoka, and Fate/Zero.

And speaking of the “Fate” universe, the deck I’d like to share to you today is one of my favorites – my Fate/Zero “Assassin” deck.

The deck primarily revolves around 2 cards, both with the same name: the “Zabaniya” Assassin.

Now just like in Magic the Gathering and most other collectible card games, you’re typically limited to 4 of the same card in a deck. With that in mind, lets take a look at both the Level 1 and Level 2 “Zabaniya” Assassin cards:

The Level 1 “Zabaniya” Assassin has 2 Continuous abilities. The first being:

You may have as many copies of cards with the same name as this in your Deck.

And the second being:

All of your other “‘Zabaniya’ Assassin” gain +500 Power.

The Level 2 “Zabaniya” Assassin also has 2 Continuous abilities. The first, again, is:

You may have as many copies of cards with the same name as this in your Deck.

And the second this time, is a little different:

All your other “Zabaniya” Assassins gain +1500 Power and the ability [ENCORE] “Discard a Character card from your hand to the Waiting Room”.

I have 7 of the Level 1 Assassins in my deck, and 10 of the Level 2’s. Essentially the goal of the deck is to use the Level 0’s to get around 8 stock by level 2, and then drop as many of the Assassins as you can. Typically I’ll try to keep them in my hand until Level 2 (even the Level 1’s sometimes!) just so I can be sure to have a full playing field when I level up. This is typically what my stage ends up looking like:

All 3 of the Level 2 Assassins in front should be boosted to 10,500 power. And that’s not to mention they all have special encore abilities. If possible I try to fill the board with all Level 2’s – which would increase each Assassin’s power to a whopping 12,500 – but sometimes that can be a bit tricky.

I run approximately 18 Level 0 cards in my Assassin deck ensuring I have plenty of cards to attack with early on so I can accumulate the stock required for Level 2. And depending on the situation I’ll use those same Level 0’s to clock and hopefully collect my band of Assassins as quickly as possible.

It’s a really fun deck to play, and I’ve been told a fun deck to play against. As most people who play against it know my strategy, my opponents try to deal as much damage to me as fast as possible in hopes of skyrocketing me to Level 2 well before I have enough stock for my Assassin barrage.

Anyways, that’s about it for the first edition of Weekly Weiss Schwarz. I hope it was interesting! If you ever have any questions about WS or any of the decks I post about hit me up in the comments below.

Until next time, see you on Wednesday!

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