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What’cha Been Playing – Fortune Street (Wii & iOS)

To be honest, I would rather be playing this game than writing about it. I’d really rather be playing this game than doing just about anything else. It’s just that much fun to me!

Fortune Street was developed by Square Enix and released on the Nintendo Wii in 2011. It’s a monopoly style board game featuring characters from the Dragon Quest and Mario series. Not only do you get to play as one a few dozen beloved characters, you get to buy, sell, trade, auction off, and buy stocks in properties.

This game balances simple game play, strategy, fun characters, and beautiful music into one incredibly fun package, that has me pining for a Wii to play on at the store. Except I won’t ever set that up because I’d be afraid of ignoring customers. >.<;; To win the game you have to be the first player to get to a certain net worth (10,000 gold, for instance) and then get back to the bank. There are some factors in the game, both random and from other players, that could decrease your net below the goal, so you have to be quick!

There are two different game modes: “easy” and “standard”. Easy mode is almost straight forward monopoly- land on a shop and buy it. If someone else owns it, you owe them money. Fortune Street adds a neat little mechanic where you can invest in your properties to increase their value, and then if you own other properties in that same section (or “district” as it’s called in the game”) those properties increase in value also. In “standard” mode, when you land on the bank you have the option of buying stock in a particular district. This allows you to gain money whenever someone lands on a property there, or when the value of the property goes up. This element adds a surprising amount of strategy, since you can buy up stocks in districts you don’t own property in.

MoosiferX and I have played a couple multiplayer games together, and in “easy” mode the game took about an hour, and “standard” mode took us a couple hours to play through.

Since I have turned into quite the fiend for this game, I had to see if there was a portable version of this game and it turns out there’s a version on iOS, called “Fortune Street Smart”. It doesn’t have any of the Mario or Dragon Quest licensed characters, but other than that it’s the same game. There’s a free version of the game that has one “easy” mode level and a few generic characters to play as, and a full version for $4.99 with multiple levels and more characters.

If you enjoy board games like Monopoly, I highly recommend this game!!

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