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Weekly Weiss Schwarz with MoosiferX!

Hello there peoples. It’s time for the 3rd installment of Weekly Weiss Schwarz. This week I’ll be talking about the Kantai Collection Trial Deck that’s available as of TODAY at STG!

I don’t know much about Kantai Collection, other than it’s originally based on an online social card game. This has since spawned a bunch of media surrounding the characters (“fleet girls” think Strike Witches but slightly more militaristic) and an anime and Playstation Vita game set to debut sometime in 2014.

The first thing I noticed about the deck was that this set has some really fantastic art. As many of you know, some Weiss Schwarz sets tend to suffer from “anime blurriness”. When a set is based on an anime — some of the cards are essentially just screen shots from the show. However in this case all of the cards appear to be high quality, high-res art.

The next thing I noticed was that this Trial Deck comes with 2 promos! Aside from the promotional cards we were given to distribute with certain English decks, I’ve never seen a deck come with built in promos. A pretty cool perk!

I had the chance to test the deck this afternoon, and I really like the way it plays. Most mechanics primarily revolve around the character type “艦娘” (Kanmusu, or fleet girls), and I was pleased to see this type of gameplay used in ways you don’t typically see.

For example one of the level 2 character/backup cards in the set – “1st Fusou-Class Battleship, Fusou” has the standard 1 cost, 3000 boost backup, but it’s her startup ability that I really find interesting:

[Choose 2 of your other “Fleet Girl” Characters and rest them, and then place this card the Waiting Room] Choose a 1st Fusou-Class Aviation Battleship, Fusou Kai in your Waiting Room and place it in the slot this was in. For this turn, that character gains +1000 Power.

So essentially you can snag out a Level 2, 2 cost 9000 power version of her from the Waiting Room for only the cost of one. It’s a great card that really gives you the opportunity to strategize a bit more.

All in all this is a bright showing for a set that I was 100% unfamiliar with before hand. I’m really looking forward to the booster packs being released!

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