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Sunken Treasures Games Pre-Order Program SUTAAAAATOOOOOOOH!

Sunken Treasures Games is starting up a new pre-order program for Japanese figures and goods! Here’s some of the figures coming out later this year that we currently have available for pre-order. Let us know if you’re interested in any of them and we’ll get you setup with a pre-order!

(Click any of the following pictures to make them bigzors.)

Eren Yaeger from Attack on Titan! We’ll be selling Mr. Yaeger for $119.99+tax. To pre-order this amazing figure we only require a $10 deposit!

Natsu Doraguniru from Fairy Tail. This one’s a Good Smile figure, so expect extra high quality! Will retail at $109.99+tax. Again, only a $10 deposit is required to pre-order.

A Matoi Ryuko Nendoroid from amazing Kill la Kill! She’ll be retailing for $44.99+tax. Only a $5 deposit is required to pre-order this figure.

Kongo from Kantai Collection. One of the first KanCore figures to be featured as a Nendoroid! She’ll retail for $54.99+tax, and will also only require a $5 deposit to pre-order.

Again, if you’re interested in any of these amazing figures, let us know and we’ll get you set up! Stay tuned for more pre-order announcements in the near future.

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