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Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Tournament Results

Last Saturday we had our first Neo-Standard Weiss Schwarz tournament in quite some time, and it was a fun, competitive evening of cards. We had 10 players enter, with 8 different sets represented (Log Horizon, Wooser, Little Busters, Kantai Collection, Sword Art Online, Nisekoi, Haruhi, and Madoka) and the top 4 competitors and their decks were:


1. Andrew Kong w/ “Haruhi
2. Danielle McPheron w/ “Little Busters
3. Zack Kiser w/ “Kantai Collection
4. Dan Garcia w/ “Wooser

Congrats peoples! It was a blast getting to play in the tournament for the first time in forever. Until next time! ( ‘-‘)/

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