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Weiss Fight Wednesday!

Just in time for Wednesday night’s Weiss Schwarz card night, Nisei Koi booster packs and ENGLISH Kill La Kill trial decks are in stock!

Nisei Koi Weiss Schwarz Booster Box

Nisei Koi booster packs are $4.49+tax, and Kill La Killa trial decks are $19.99+tax.

Even though summer is winding down, I refuse to let it go. That’s why I’ll be playing my Swimsuit deck. I absolutely love the fact that “swimsuit” is a character trait in this game. This deck features cards from seven different sets and is a ton of fun to play!

Swimsuit Deck Weiss Schwarz Deck

It is also one of our players last card night before going off to college so we’ll be having a little farewell party. Everyone is invited so please come down to the store to play and have fun with us tonight! People start playing around 4:00pm so if you’re free we hope to see you!

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