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This Just In! ~ A September Store Tour

This is the 1st ever “I found my camera’s battery!!!” edition of ‘This Just In!’ — I was so happy I had to take a bunch of pictures. 😀

A new wave of Attack on Titan Keychain Straps are in.

We’ve posted it before, but here’s our Knights of the Round arcade cabinet again. 3 of our regulars just ended up beating the game today, actually! Amazing. Congrats guys!

Recently snagged several great original XBOX games. Quite the variety in stock at the moment.

Kill la Kill Nendoroids are in stock!

The 4th issue of RETRO came in the other day, and is ready for your love. <3
We recently re-organized our manga selection, and have them thoroughly inventoried.

If you’re looking for a specific one, we can find it for ya’s!

A huge new Levi figure came in yesterday. Perfect for the Levi fan-girl in your life.

Persona 3 The Movie straps are in stock as of yesterday.

Our first big Ryuko figure from Kill la Kill. There’s plenty of them on the horizon but this one looks pretty snazzy. 😀

Our friend Dwight who helps us with our arcade cabinets setup a couple of cool quarter machines in our store. With our arcade and these there are several things in our store that just run you a couple quarters now.

We have 3 different sets of BuddyFight in stock, a newer CCG from Bushiroad. We’ll be offering tutorials on how to play in the coming weeks.

With Halloween just around the corner I was super stoked to see this Dawn of the Dead “Fly Boy” Figma come into the store. The original Dawn of the Dead is one of my favorite films of all time!

You’ve probably seen them posted on here before, but they’re they’re too cute not to post again! Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, Risa, and Isabelle from Animal Crossing. So adorable. <3 015
Our model selection is always expanding…

Gundam, Pokemon, One Piece, Yamato, Metal Gear, Macross, and Etrian Odyssey are all represented in our model section!

A variety of random old school games. I still love the little Intellivision controller overlays.

I’ve had a couple of calls for Final Fantasy XI lately (which several of us here at the store still play on the server Fenrir) and was happy to report we have a few 360 copies NEW still. Apparently the 360 version of the game sells for upwards of 80-100 bucks on average, but we have it a bit more affordable than that. ^_^;

More Final Fantasy Plushies are in stock. In addition to these we received more Moogles and Cactuars!

Last but not least, here are some Rage of Bahamut Puchi Nendoroids that come with an in game code. INTENSE.

Phew, that’s a whole lot of random stuff, eh? That’s it for this edition of “This Just In!”. Until next time… adios for now!

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