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Anime Week 2014 @ Sunken Treasures

Anime Week 2014 starts Saturday October 25th! Sunken Treasures Games is proud to bring you it’s 2nd annual Anime Week event, this time with some exciting new happenings.


Saturday, October 25th ~ Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Tournament @ 4:00 ~ no entry fee! Come early to learn how to play. Prizes and snacks included!

Monday, October 27th ~ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Part 3) Anime Night + Snacks @ 4:00.

Tuesday, October 28th ~ Magic The Gathering and Mecha – Join us for a fun evening of Magic the Gathering while enjoying some classic mecha anime! Starts @ 4:00.

Wednesday, October 29th ~ Casual Card Night + Movie Night. Learn to play some of our fun and unique card games (Weiss Schwarz, Buddy Fight, Dragon Quest) and enjoy the film Summer Wars in all of it’s glory! Starts @ 4:00.

Thursday, October 30th ~ Knitting and Life Fibers! (Kill la Kill) – Learn how to knit your very own beanie with anime themed fibers while enjoying a few episodes of Kill la Kill. Taught by our very own Master Knit-stress, Sarah! Starts @ 6:00.

Friday, October 31st ~ Cosplay Contest + Party & Tanto Cuore Tournament. Awards will be given for Best Anime Character and Best Video Game Character! Starts at 5:00, and goes until ?.

It should be an action packed week! If you have any friends who are interested in this sort of thing, please help us spread the word.

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