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Holiday Gift Guide – Day 1

Christmas is coming up fast isn’t it? If you aren’t finished with your holiday shopping, don’t fret~ I’ve got some ideas for you. Everyday between now and Christmas I’ll be posting a gift guide full of ideas for everyone on your list. If any of these items interest you, swing by and check them out, along with all the other unique and exciting items we have in stock!


1) RetroN 5 – This system plays original Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Genesis, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Famicom, Super Famicom, and Mega Drive games. It has HDMI hook ups so it’ll look sweet on your large HDTV. ($159.99+tax)

This is perfect for the gamer in your life looking to reminisce the good old days with some classic games they played as a kid, or is great for introducing newer gamers to the vast and rich history of games.

2) Legend of Zelda, Link Nendoroid figure – Not only is this figure super cute, it’s fully customizable! Link comes with three different faces, a handful of accessories, and countless poses and fun to be had. ($49.99+tax)

Imported from Japan, this figure is made by one of Japans most exciting and respectable figure companies. For the Zelda lover you know this is a must have! Can you hear the tune Link is playing on the wind?

3) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic card box – This hard plastic box folds open from the top and comes with a matching divider. There are four different pony variations: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Muffins, and Trixie. ($2.99+tax)

This box is perfect for protecting anything from playing cards to little trinkets and precious other items. It holds 100 cards in sleeves, or a dozen My Little Pony miniature figures. Whatever their heart desires!

4) Weiss Schwarz Trial Deck for “Kill La Kill” – This is one of the newest and most popular decks in stock. Based off of the hit show “Kill La Kill”, you can play exciting cards with Ryuko Matoi, Mako, and Satsuki artwork on them. ($19.99+tax)

Every Wednesday night (except Christmas) we host card nights here and I spend the evening teaching new players how to play the game. If your card player doesn’t know how to play, encourage them to join me!

Please check back to see more lists! If any of this strikes your fancy and want more information about an item, or items like it, stop by the store and we’ll help you out. Hope to see you soon!

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