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Holiday Gift Guide – Day 4

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is for the ladies. These items are items that I own and love, and think that a special lady in your life will love also.


1) Princess Debut, Nintendo DS – This DS game, MoosiferX found for me and it’s just as perfect as he thought it would be. In this game, you play as a normal girl living a normal life who meets her doppleganger from a different universe. This version is a princess and wants to dodge out of “debut” into society. In a “Prince and the Pauper” like story, you trade places with the princess and spend the next month learning dances and choosing which prince you want to dance with at the upcoming ball. It’s a mix between a dating simulator and a rhythm game. Charming and cute, this game is perfect for gals teens and up. $24.99+tax

2) Mikasa Akerman – Real Action Hero Figure – This is more than just a figure or a work of art. This 12 inch faithful representation of the main heroine of Attack on Titan is nothing short of perfection. She comes with three different faces, two different hair styles, a fully pose-able body, and soft fabric clothes (including the Survey Corps cape). This beauty is worth every penny and would be a feather in the cap of any serious figure collector. $249.99+tax.

3) Chobits – manga – Can a robot love? That’s what this series is all about. Chobits has become an essential series to any manga lover or lover of sweet romance stories. Over the course of seven volumes the main heroine, Chii, (who is a personal computer robot) learns how to live and how to love. Prices vary.

Thanks again for checking out my gift guide! I hope you liked it. If you have questions about these products, swing by the store sometime. Remember~ there’s only 9 days until Christmas!!

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