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This Just In! ~ Mid-January 2015 Post of *Pop* BUCKETS OF FUN

We’re already halfway through January and have plenty of fun new stuff to share with you. *Mr. Bucket not included!


Fairy Tail Weiss Schwarz Trial Decks and Booster Packs made their way to the store yesterday. Only a small amount of booster packs remain after the great onslaught of January 14th, but there’s still plenty of Trial Decks to go around!


We’ve been consistently getting in old school Pokemon games lately. And as fast as they come in, they vanish.


Something new from Ultra Pro – a Cube Draft storage box. It’s large and pretty.


Our Real Action Heroes selection expands with the arrival of Levi. Complete with cleaning gear!


Something new from Phat! and Good Smile Company – Kantai Collection Medicchu(s)! Just about the size of a Nendoroid, these figures are great for those looking for Nendoroid quality on a tighter budget.


Dragon Ball key chains ~ only $2.99 a pop.


More Monster Hunter blind boxes ~ no cats this time around, just lots of things with nasty big pointy teeth.


The RAH Levi figure a bit closer up. That look of destain! Good gravy.


And speaking of Levi, Max Factory did another wave of the Levi Figmas!


Our NES selection has been rebuilding slowly but surely. I can’t remember the last time we had 2 Bubble Bobbles in stock at the same time.


Over the last month or so we’ve received about a dozen new different Nendoroids. Here’s a small helping of them!


We don’t typically carry a lot of Naruto products, as they’re a bit easier to come by, but these guys were just too cute.


Magic the Gathering Fate Reforged supplies are in stock now. This Saturday at 5:00 is the pre-release! Hope to see you here.

That’s it for this edition of “This Just In!” ~ until next time, adios!

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