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Weiss Schwarz Weekly Update (Tourney Details, Nisekoi English)

It’s WeissFight!! Wednesday and we have a bit of news for those of you sucked into the beautiful void of anime card game happiness that is Weiss Schwarz.

First up we’d like to announce the official date/start time for our next tournament. Our next Neo-Standard Weiss Schwarz tourney will be held on Wednesday, February 25th at 6:00 p.m. — this will be our first Bushiroad sanctioned tournament, so there should be promotional prize support.

In addition, we’re trying something a little different this time for prizes ~ the entry fee for the tournament is 1 booster pack of your choosing. These booster packs will then go into the prize pool. The winner will get first dibs on a set number of packs from the prize pool, then second place, and so on.

In other WS news, this week’s featured set is the recently released Nisekoi: False Love (English Edition)!


Nisekoi is one of the more powerful Weiss Schwarz sets in recent memory, and took 4th place in the U.S. World Grand Prix! If you’re into the show, or just feeling frisky, snag a Trial Deck and/or booster pack and check it out!

WeissFight!! Wednesday starts around 4:00 p.m. every Wednesday, and if you’re new to the game we provide several different decks for tutorials. See you here!

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