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This Just In! ~ End of April Extravaganza

April has been a pretty eventful month filled with lots of shipments and buy-backs. Unfortunately it seems like by the time we get around to taking pictures of all of the cool games we get in stock, they sell. ^^; Nintendo’s popularity, especially regarding N64/Gamecube is through the roof at the moment, and every time we get in one of the key Nintendo-published games (be it Mario Kart, Mario Party, Zelda, etc.) we can’t seem to even get it on the shelf before it sells.

Anyways, lots of cool stuffs this month. Here it all is:

A wild PS4 appears! We don’t get these guys in ‘used’ very often.

We’ve been getting a lot of Nintendo plushies in as of late. Here’s a handful of cute ones, and also Tingle.

Sinon’s amazing looking figma has finally arrived!

Since we’re pretty huge Star Wars fans we’ve decided to start expanding our figure selection.

Some excellent quality boxed handhelds that are looking for a good home.

We never get Phoenix Wright merchandise, so these awesome pixel art keychains were a welcome surprise.

An sweet looking Metal Slug tank model kit.

Another KanColle figure, this time a figma version of Nagato.

Wave 7 of the Saga Legends series. Figures include: Kanan, Han Solo (Endor Gear), The Inquisitor, Luke Skywalker (Endor Gear), Commander Bly, and Leia Organa (Endor Gear).

Some amazing looking Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure figures. So happy to hear this is coming to Toonami!

Remember those mini collectable Ultimate Muscle/Kinnikuman figures that looked like erasers? Well they made some of those for Jojo and they’re wonderful.

The softest Thwomp in the land. Makes for a great pillow/weapon.

Restocked our Xenoblade Chronicles, Project STEAM, and Kirby games!

That’s it for this month. Until next time!

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