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Weiss Schwarz Tournament Results for 9/23/2015

Last night we held our monthly Weiss Schwarz tournament and the results are in! The tournament was a little smaller this month, but we’re expecting a bigger event in October during our annual Anime Week festivities. I had the winners each pick a favorite card to represent their deck, but that picture turned out suuuuper blurry, so representing each player is their set’s respective trial deck:


1st PlaceMr. “My Time is Now!” Haitao – playing a To LOVE-Ru Darkness deck.
2nd PlaceAndrew “The King of Kong Style” – playing a Day Break Illusion deck.
3rd PlaceDan “The Richland Rattlesnake” – playing a Love Live! deck (with at least one alpaca).

Thanks for your participation gentleman, and thanks to everyone else for joining us as well. Until next time: stay fresssssh!

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