Sunken Treasures Games

Post Turkey-Pocalypse Celebration of Commerce (Sales on Friday & Saturday)

This Friday and Saturday we have a variety of sales going on at Sunken Treasures for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!


* 20% off all Used Video Games, Anime and Manga.
* 15% off all Figma, FiguARTs, and Nendoroid figures.
* 20% off all Card Sleeves, Playmats and Deck Boxes.
* Magic the Gathering Dragons of Tarkir Fat Packs: $34.99
* All Magic the Gathering Event Decks $17.99
* All Magic the Gathering Clash Packs: $19.99
* Fate/Unlimited Blade Works and Sengoku Basara Prize Raffles: $4.99 per ticket.

Also we’ve got some other fun stuff available including:

* Mario 30th Anniversary Prize Raffle: $9.99 per ticket.
* Magic the Gathering Commander Decks: $29.99 each.
* English Angel Beats, Log Horizon & Love Live! Weiss Schwarz decks: $19.99.

We’re open from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday, so if any of this stuff sounds good to you, get in while you can!

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