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Dragon Quest VII: The Blurb of the Forgotten Blog

Hello everyone, Aaron (MoosiferX) here. So! It’s been a little while since I popped on here to write about video games, but as I sit here at the store ~ pining to return home and fire up Dragon Quest VII for what’s been a 2 week marathon gaming session ~ I figured I’d blurb a little blurb about the why this game has captured our hearts.


Full disclosure: Sarah and I are pretty huge Dragon Quest fans. It hasn’t always been that way, though. My first experience with the series wasn’t until ‘Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King’ found it’s way to our shores in 2005 on the Playstation 2. The game came bundled with a demo for Final Fantasy XII, which was included as a selling point since the Dragon Quest games have never really seen the incredible success that they’ve had in Japan over here in the states. WELL CONGRATS SQUARE ENIX – your marketing strategy worked on at least one person.

Since then I don’t think we’ve missed a Dragon Quest release, and have gone back and played many of the originals. Unfortunately though, no matter how many times I fired up DQ VII on Playstation 1, something would always come up. A new game would came out, or I’d be starting up a new hobby, or (FILL IN THE BLANK) and it would take my attention away from playing what the internet informed me was one of the more lackluster DQ titles. I don’t know how many times I played the first hour and a half of Dragon Quest VII, but while I enjoyed it, ultimately I couldn’t keep it going.

Fast forward a decade later, and we found ourselves at a point where there was little to no chance that the updated 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII would ever see a localization in the west. The other DS Dragon Quest games didn’t sell terribly well, despite being incredible, and it seemed like the now dubbed “Fragments of the Forgotten Past” would indeed be just that: “forgotten”.

But the Almighty worked a miracle and during the 11/12/2015 Nintendo Direct it was announced that both Dragon Quest VII, and Dragon Quest VIII would see localizations for the 3DS! DQ VII was released this month, on 9/16, and aside from being sick for a few days, we have not stopped playing it.

I’m at just about 60 hours into the game and I hear I probably have another 40 or so to go for the main story. It. Is. Amazing. Not a single minute has felt wasted. Somehow the 3DS version pulled me in in a way that the PS1 version wasn’t able to. Maybe it’s the fact that you can just close the system if you need to, or because I can play it just about anywhere. Either way the game really lends itself to start and stop play. The game’s story unfolds sort of like a TV show where as you play the game and you’re restoring the world’s long lost islands – each one of those islands is essentially an “episode”. This is a formula that’s been present in Dragon Quest for quite some time, and one of the main draws for me. Each island has it’s own little story/mystery that once resolved adds a little more flavor to your main quest.

Dragon Quest VII is expectedly, a hardcore turn based JRPG at it’s core. There’s grinding, doubling back, and a slew of side stuffs if you ever want to switch it up. It features the incredible “vocation” based job system introduced in Dragon Quest III, allowing you to change between 10 different basic classes, eventually unlocking intermediate and advanced classes, all of which have their own rank that you can level up. There’s a lot of meat on this bone. But the thing that Dragon Quest VII has more than anything, and this is something that comes up a lot with the series as a whole, is HEART.

For me, Dragon Quest remains the most charming video game series out there and has this heart warming magnetism that grows stronger and stronger with each entry I play. I’m so grateful that Nintendo decided to publish this game despite it’s chances of financial success being relatively low. That said, I’m going to try and keep copies of this game in stock at the store each month, so if you ever feel like trying something new, or just haven’t had the chance to pick up a copy for yourself yet, keep us in mind! It’s an incredibly fun experience that WON’T soon be “forgotten”.

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