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This Just In! ~ A Few Random Thingies in January

So while the majority of our shipments have been delayed due to the complete garbo weather we’re experiencing in the Pacific Northwest, ONE BOX BROKE THROUGH! So we have a few new stuff things to share.

Stocked up on a ton of new Monster Hunter plushies today and did some general re-pricing of some of our older plushies!

Persona 5 Weiss Schwarz is here. The artwork/cards look beautiful!

These amazing Totoro mini figure gift sets are along the same line as the Kiki’s Delivery Service ones we had a year or so ago.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in hilarious figma form, just like he imagined it I’m sure. Now you too can stage wonderful photos of this classic work of art exposing himself and frightening your other figures!

Re:Zero keychains finally showed up! We’ve been waiting on these for a little while.

So yeah, if you feel like braving the snow we’ve gotten this sort of stuff plus quite a few new video games in stock over the last couple days including another copy of the Yakuza 6 import for PS4! Until next time, though — adios!

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