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This Just In! ~ March Madness Edition of Not Collegiate Sportsball

After battling some awful illnesses over the last two months we’re back in healthy-ish form! We’ve stocked so much new merchandise since the last time we posted, so we’re long overdue for a ‘This Just In!’ post. For prices/questions please shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter or give us a jingle at 509-943-4564!

Modern Masters 2017 is in today. We have boosters and boxes available ($8.99 / booster and $189.99 / booster box!)

New Nendoroids from Kantai Collection and Love Live! Sunshine.

Saitama from One Punch Man in figma form.

We pieced together a pretty nice SNES complete in box with Link to the Past recently.

Re:Zero for Weiss Schwarz has been out for a bit but we restocked recently. Really solid set!

Farm XP at home with your very own Metal Slime plushie!

Pikachu and Kirby Putitto glass toppers!

So much cute! KA-WA-I-I-DE-SU x1,000,000,000

In addition to the previously mentioned Pikachus we also stocked some amazing Oyasumi Pokemon capsules. Get your own sleepy little Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio before they’re all bought up!

The most recent Force of Will set, “Return of the Dragon Emperor” is in stock now!

Other new Nendoroids this time from DOTA and Kantai Collection.

My boy, Kiryu Kazuma — the Dragon of Dojima, part time father, former taxi driver, yon-dai-me and Pocket Racing King from the amazing Yakuza video game series in figma form!

We rarely see cartridge only SoulSilvers let alone complete in box w/ the pedometer. Crazy to have 2 in stock at the moment!

Restocked our Sun/Moon and Fire Emblem Fates a few weeks ago. Plus any chance I get to show off the sweet FF pearler magnets I’m happy to. ^_^

That’s all for ‘This Just In!’ — until next time, adios!

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