Sunken Treasures Games

Sunken Treasures Games is 6 years old today!

6 YEARS MAN! 6! Today is Sunken Treasures Games’ 6 year anniversary. 6 years ago and roughly 2 1/2 weeks earlier than that we randomly decided to open up our own store. We had an incredible group of people who helped us make the store a reality, whether it was physically painting the store or just providing basic friendly support. People who immediately come to mind are the TeamHoward crew, the Chandlers and Millbauers, Nicole, Chris, and of course of good friends Sean, my nephew Tony, and the rest of our amazingly supportive families. We still have Sarah’s mom’s showcases that we were originally just borrowing at the time because we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to sustain this.

We’ve had some amazing employees and helpers along the way (Sean, Joanne, Tony, Dan, Kindra, Danielle, Nicholas, Ian, David, and probably others that I’m forgetting right now) and even though it’s just Sarah and myself at the moment we cannot thank all of you enough for helping make our store a success despite us not knowing what we’re doing. lol

Here’s a picture that I’ve shared before of the store the night before we opened. It’s still one of my faves!


In celebration of our store’s 6 year anniversary we’ll be offering a baseline 10% discount on just about everything in store, and if you have one of our old school backpacks/t-shirts, or even one of our new STG club bags, you’ll be looking at a 20% discount on all used games, anime, and manga.


Thanks for 6 amazing years Tri-Cities!

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