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This Just In! ~ After the Storm Edition of Awesome Random Stuffs

Time for another “This Just In!” post! We’ve had a bunch of random stuff showing up/going on at the store lately, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

That was quite a storm the other day! We had water washing into the store for a little while. o.O; Hope everyone is doing okay!

NES Games are stocked up today. Lots of good ones to pick through!

An assortment of factory sealed original Pokemon Trading Card starters.

One of the nicest figmas we’ve stocked in a little while, the new Link Twilight Princess figmas come complete w/ a slew of accessories like the clawshot, ball and chain, hawkeye and of course — the Master Sword.

OBJECTION! While the Link figma is nice, I ask you this: would you trust Link to defend you in court? Phoenix Wright here for his 15th anniversary in figma form, available now!

The man, the myth the legend, Goro Majima. The mad dog of Shimano makes his figma debut!

A variety of cute knick knacks from Yuri on Ice and Love Live!

New Nekoatsume glass toppers! Spruce up your instagram coffee shots with these adorable kitties! xD

Blind box faces for our Nendoroid figures!? These are the best! A limited assortment available now.

Mewtwo, blink twice if you need help! Some awesome old school plushies showed up in the store today.

Persona 5 sleeves are here just ahead of the upcoming Persona 5 Weiss Schwarz set. Get yours while supplies last.

The latest addition to our arcade collection — Die Hard Arcade, a.k.a. Dynamite Deka!

Until next time, adios for now!

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